The Garden Share Collective: And the Heavens opened

This is what my balcony garden has looked like the last couple of weeks.

Garden Share Collective

What a mess! Summer down under is harsh and there was a lot of brown going on. And the balcony garden has been in desperate need of a massive clean up. It took me awhile to pull everything out and mix up some worm castings into the pot mix, and sweep up the balcony in preparation for autumn and new plantings.

And good thing I did! Brisbane has had a glorious bout of rain the last week of March and everything has been springing up.

Garden Share Collective


Garden Share Collective


Garden Share Collective


Garden Share Collective

Garden Share CollectiveThe tatsoi has been loving the rain in particular. Just look at how plump those leaves are! I’ve already harvested one round of leaves for salad and it tasted divine.

Garden Share CollectiveWe also welcomed some basil plants to the balcony garden family. They are starting to turn woody at the bottom, so I’ve tried to keep up the watering and being ruthless with trimming its leaves back as much as possible (pesto, anyone?). Let’s see if I can keep these alive.

Garden Share CollectiveThe yellow cherry tomato plant has surprisingly lived and is enroute to producing its 2nd harvest. It’s not as bountiful as its first, but I’m not going to complain.

Some months ago, I had forgotten about a sweet potato in the bottom of our pantry and it decided to explode in growth, so I buried it into a gunny sack of soil. It grew into a bit of a vine and I didn’t mind it too much. But it has now died back, so I pulled its corpse out to repurpose the sack and look what I found. Garden Share Collective

Garden Share CollectiveThree baby sweet potatoes, which are probably too small to be worth while eating on their own. But hey, considering I didn’t expect anything since it hadn’t flowered or anything, this find isn’t bad.

Garden Share Collective

Unfortunately my last chilli has now given up its ghost. *sigh*


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