Fat Noodle launches its new menu

Disclaimer: I attended the Fat Noodle menu launch as Feed Me Now Brisbane’s guest.

It’s not often I get to be someone’s plus one at a food event and I wasn’t about to say ‘no’ to my wifey Jess from Feed Me Now Brisbane’s invitation to the new menu launch dinner at Fat Noodle.

Besides, I am probably one of the few food bloggers left who hasn’t tried Treasury Brisbane and Luke Nguyen’s offering. This would be an excellent opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!

Fat Noodle - 2014 new menu launch

Walking through Fat Noodle, I quickly noted the restaurant layout and was quite pleased to see the variety of dining areas. It included intimate seats out on the balcony overlooking George Street, not a bad little spot to people watch over a meal. However we were ushered to a private dining area, complete with an opulent ambience and long dining table right outside the kitchen.

After a brief introduction to the menu, we were offered a ginger beer and tea to get us started on the menu sampling.

Fat Noodle - Prawn and pork rice paper rolls. AUD$13

Prawn and pork rice paper rolls. AUD$13

These prawn and pork rice paper rolls were packed with fresh herbs and served with a hoisin dipping sauce. However my piece didn’t have either prawn nor pork, which was terribly disappointing, as the pork was barbeque pork and would’ve been packed with flavour.

Fat Noodle - Dumpling. AUD$10

Dumpling. AUD$10

Fat Noodle - Teriyaki grilled salmon. AUD$14

Teriyaki grilled salmon. AUD$14

This teriyaki grilled salmon was a surprise – served with with red onion and microherbs, it appeared to look like sashimi, but it turned out the salmon was very lightly grilled and thankfully to complement the subtleness, the teriyaki sauce was paired to be lighter. It was much more like a dressing, nothing like the sticky thick sauces one comes to expect from many Japanese establishments. I quite liked Fat Noodle‘s version.

Fat Noodle - Braised vegetables in soy and ginger sauce. AUD$16

Braised vegetables in soy and ginger sauce. AUD$16

The braised vegetables in soy and ginger sauce was an assortment of tofu, eggplant, red onion, mushrooms, snow peas and glass noodles, but what I particularly liked was the black and white fungus. The addition of these made it so much more homely – something to put before a Chinese family dinner. I really loved this one.

Fat Noodle - Crispy chicken noodle soup. AUD$17

Fat Noodle – Crispy chicken noodle soup. AUD$17

The crispy chicken dish was half a chicken with five spice salt, served with egg noodles and Asian greens in a clear broth. The half chicken portion looked a lot smaller than half a chicken, but the five spice salt seasoning was a very nice touch to an otherwise simple fare.

Fat Noodle - Spicy pork. AUD$17

Spicy pork. AUD$17

The spicy pork turned out to be a warm salad of marinated pork loaded with fresh herbs, cucumber, bean sprouts on a bed of vermicelli noodles. Unlike the crispy chicken, the marinated pork flavour permeated throughout the dish and would’ve made for a very hearty meal at the end of a long night.

The other dishes we tried, but I didn’t get photos of, included the tempura battered barramundi with fresh herbs, glass noodles and a light wasabi aioli, and Luke’s Vietnamese chicken salad with pickled cabbage, fresh herbs and chilli.

Fat Noodle - Ginger and star anise panna cotta. AUD$13

Ginger and star anise panna cotta. AUD$13

Fat Noodle - Pandan coconut creme brulee. AUD$13

Pandan coconut creme brulee. AUD$13

Jess and I got to sample both dessert offerings – the ginger and star anise panna cotta and the pandan coconut crème brulee. The ginger in the panna cotta wasn’t too strong, but I couldn’t get any of the star anise flavour. This dessert also isn’t terribly sweet and was presented on a bed of pearls.

My favourite was the pandan coconut crème brulee. Pandan is Asia’s vanilla and I personally love the stuff. The super bright green colour might be offputting to those who do not have a healthy association with their veg, but to me, it was the bomb. The hard crust of sugar was perfect – not too thick nor thin… but I’d argue the pandan custard beneath could’ve been firmer. The one we had had more of a mousse-like texture, which does not detract from the overall pleasure of the dessert.

With such a reasonable price point for the quality of food and being open much later than many eateries in Brisbane, Fat Noodle is definitely on my radar for late evening city eats.


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Disclaimer: I attended the Fat Noodle menu launch as Feed Me Now Brisbane’s guest.