Mighty Mighty

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Mighty Mighty cue & brew opened their doors on Friday November 29 last year and since then, I’ve been monitoring the reviews to get a feel for what Brisbane thinks of the dining options at the brand spanking new M&A lane in Fortitude Valley. Overall, Brisbanites seem to have mixed opinions – some have been raving about it and others haven’t been so impressed. So the SO and I decided to walk over and see for ourselves by first checking out Mighty Mighty cue & brew.

Mighty Mighty cue & brew sits in prime M&A lane real estate with plenty of on-street visibility on McLachlan St. They offer a meaty menu with a Southern American flavour, so think hickory chip smoked flavours and cornbread them Southerners worship their mamas for.

Mighty Mighty Cue and Brew

I wasn’t particular hungry that day, so the SO went with a main and I decided to nibble on some hot wings with a side to share.

Mighty Mighty Cue and Brew

Cute Mighty Mighty logo glass etching

Mighty Mighty Cue and Brew

Mighty Mighty Cue and Brew

Black-eyed bean stew. AUD$8

I was disappointed the black eyed bean stew didn’t my expectation of bursting flavours. The beans were firm and not cooked to the point of mush (plus), but of the other ingredients, they didn’t even hum, so I was left with a bit of a flat line.

Mighty Mighty Cue and Brew

Mighty Mighty hot wings with pickled celery & ranch. AUD$14

The Mighty Mighty hot wings were a better choice. These wings were moist and coated in a thick sauce that had some time to soak through. Dipped with a little ranch dressing, these were great – just not better than some of the other hot wings and buffalo wings I’ve tried elsewhere. Not so sure about the slices of pickled celery though.

Mighty Mighty Cue and Brew

Blackened Cajun king reef barramundi. AUD$32

The SO’s blackened Cajun king reef barramundi was absolutely amazing – the fish was cooked perfectly and had a beautiful fresh flavour, but given the size of the portion and the fact we weren’t wowed by the bed of black bean stew, I personally think it wasn’t worth the price tag.

Overall on this visit, we came away disappointed and wondering if we had simply ordered the wrong dishes.


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