101 things in 1001 days: February 2014 update


I haven’t been as productive this month with my 101 things to do in 1001 days project and only have managed to finish 2 items. I’m never going to finish this list! Urrrrgh!

#54  Identify 100 things that make me happy

And in no particular order…

  1. Having parents who care about their family more than themselves (even in their own twisted way)
  2. Knowing my family is alive, healthy and relatively happy
  3. Having a chat with the siblings over Skype or Google Hangout
  4. Knowing that the siblings and I can get along better now than we did in childhood
  5. Being married to a man who loves me
  6. Remembering our wedding
  7. Seeing the SO after a long day at work
  8. Cuddling with the SO
  9. Saying goodnight to the SO before falling asleep
  10. Going for a drive with the SO
  11. Having tea with friends
  12. Chatting with girlfriends at cafes/restaurants
  13. Puppies
  14. Kittens
  15. Love
  16. Finishing a project
  17. Being in a sauna after being outside in snow
  18. Getting handwritten letters from friends
  19. Harvesting my own produce from the balcony garden
  20. Reading a good novel
  21. Being right
  22. Walking through the Lourve
  23. Cooking at home
  24. Having a kitchen project go well (mmmm… tasty rewards)
  25. Learning how to ferment food at home (mostly sourdough and vegetables)
  26. Testing a new recipe and getting it right the first time
  27. Rediscovering a well-loved childhood food
  28. Enjoying an amazing meal
  29. The smell of freshly baked bread
  30. Breaking a freshly baked loaf of bread or croissant and hearing the crunch
  31. Smelling and eating a ripe sweet mango
  32. Harvesting fresh food from the balcony garden
  33. Being presented with a gift of food
  34. Receiving an online order
  35. Receiving an online order and everything in it is exactly as I ordered
  36. Planning a holiday
  37. Going on that holiday
  38. Travelling to a new city
  39. Tasting food from a culture I’ve never tried before
  40. Discovering a new restaurant which serves amazing food and provides great service
  41. Watching the numbers in the savings account increase
  42. Realising it is jacarandas season
  43. Watching a fire
  44. Planning a picnic
  45. Going on a picnic
  46. Wrapping presents
  47. Getting paid
  48. Getting through a day as planned
  49. Discovering a tip/trick to save me time in the kitchen (like these)
  50. Being complimented for my outfit
  51. Warming my cold feet near a roaring wood fire
  52. Being politically incorrect/sarcastic and still be understood
  53. Soaking in a warm bubblebath with lots of bubbles
  54. The crisp smell of sun dried laundry
  55. The smell of fresh cut grass
  56. Getting my paws on a new Terry Pratchett novel
  57. Meowing to a cat, who meows back
  58. Petting a friendly dog
  59. Looking out into breathtaking scenery
  60. Looking at the night sky far away from the city’s light pollution
  61. Spending a day at the beach
  62. Swimming in blue/green jellyfish-free ocean water
  63. Smelling the scent of oncoming rain in the air
  64. Watching rain
  65. Trying on a garment that not only fits me well, but looks good as well
  66. Checking out CuteOverload
  67. Checking out Daily Coyote
  68. Having my own quiet time
  69. Listening to music that suits my mood at the time
  70. Being rewarded for hard work
  71. Handwriting letters to friends
  72. Giving myself a manicure and pedicure
  73. Taking a warm bubble bath
  74. A cold shower on a hot day
  75. A hot shower on a cold day
  76. Watching a childhood move (Neverending Story, Last Unicorn, Flight of Dragons, Dark Crystal)
  77. People watching and imaging their life story
  78. Waking up in the morning and it isn’t a work day
  79. Having fresh flowers in the apartment
  80. Finding something I love on sale
  81. Having a nap
  82. Finding a good book
  83. Warm towels
  84. Payday
  85. The smell of fresh air after having been in the office all day
  86. Going out to dinner
  87. Getting picked up at the airport
  88. Finishing a blogpost
  89. Drinking a really good wine
  90. Exploring Pinterest for new ideas and inspiration
  91. A clean kitchen (which is very rare)
  92. Reading a great article (recently these have been from New York Times and HBR)
  93. Buying brand new sheets and sleeping in them for the first time
  94. Cooking the first pancake perfectly
  95. Picking out fresh produce at the markets
  96. Chirashi sushi from Amimoto
  97. Peanut butter gelato from Schlix
  98. Waking up early and getting a shitload done before breakfast
  99. Tasting my fermenting food for the first time
  100. Discovering a great app


#71 Comment on 50 different blogs

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. While I read plenty of blogs, I’m not much of a commenter, cuz I am shit with chit-chat – I don’t know what to say. And secondly, where am I going to find 50 different blogs??? But that’s the whole point of my 101 things to do in 1001 days – to push me out of my comfort zone and just get out there to visit other blogs.

1. Taste Hong Kong .2. From My Sweetheart .3. Fork Knife Swoon .4. Cake Whiz .5. The Culinary Library .6. Angie Lives To Eat .7. Sea Salt With Food .8. The Personal Chef Approach .9. Food Rehab .10. Red Star To Lone Star .11. Veggies And Me .12. A Sweet Simple Life .13. Stresscake .14. Bubble and Sweet .15. You Grow Girl .16. The Cafe Crawler .17. Morsels .18. perthmunchkin .19. Jugernauts .20. Morsels .21. Veggies and Me .22. Emiko .23. Erika Rax .24. Tea for Six .25. Cook Republic .26. Crackling .27. Dinewhitme .28. Think Big, Live Simple .29. Jeanie in Paradise .30. Greenhaven .31. three little halves .32. eat cook code .33. Create with Mom .34. The Kitchen Alchemist .35. Galaxerie .36. High Heel Gourmet .37. The Adventures of MJ and the Hungryman .38. A Farm Girl’s Dabbles .39. Steamy Kitchen .40. Baker Bettie .41. Bean Town Baker .42. Foodmanna .43. Messy Witchen .44. Closet Cooking .45. box of spice .46. China Sichuan Food .47. Cafe Patita .48. My Bare Cupboard .49. The Sticky and Sweet .50. Farmhouse Home