Sirromet Winery’s Tuscan Terrace

Disclaimer: I was invited and provided a AUD$100 voucher to dine at Sirromet Winery’s Tuscan Terrace. My opinions are my own.


It’s funny how I’ve been to South Australia’s Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, Western Australia’s Margaret River, Pemberton and Manjimup, and Victoria’s Yarra Valley and Mornington Penninsula. But of Queensland’s wineries, I embarrassed to admit I’ve only visited the cellar doors up on Mt Tambourine.

In my defence, I’m not much of a wino – visits to these wineries are usually about sampling the food from their amazing kitchens (good food, good wine). Having learnt the hard way that my Asian heritage has cursed me with the dreaded skin blotches after a glass or two (I suspect I’m allergic to a lot of common preservatives), the SO is usually left with the burden of playing guinea pig and over the years, the man has refined his palette to distinguish whether or not I might like a beverage enough to suffer through several hours of looking like an unevenly cooked lobster. Is there nothing the man won’t do for me? Yes, I’m a lucky girl.

So when I was invited to visit Queensland’s Sirromet Winery, I was hesitant. What can a non-wino say about their award winning wines? I laid out my concerns to their marketing manager and she very kindly invited me to visit one of their 3 dining venues, Tuscan Terrace. So of course I said yes.

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace

If you’ve never been to Sirromet Winery, allow me to paint a picture. It was an approximate 40 minute easy drive from Brisbane city to the wide open country surrounding the area. Being an early Sunday morning, we got to enjoy the lush green scenery of properties zipping by, occasionally broken by a cow or horse grazing lazily in a paddock.

The Sirromet Winery signage gave us ample warning on when to make our turn and we slowed down to peek at the rows of vines growing bravely under the harsh summer sunshine. Unfortunately this time of year, the vines growing on the Mt Cotton property were bare, having not long been harvested for the winery’s Private Collection Sunwine. Apparently our hot humid Queensland weather is perfect for this sweet drop of a dessert wine.

Having arrived before 10:30am, we were lucky to secure an easy park under the shade of some well-pruned trees right next to the Tuscan Terrace area, which overlooks a slight valley of manicured grassland and helipad. By 11:30am though, the ample tables and seating were starting to fill up quickly. Visitors were spoilt for choice to sit either close to the rails for the view, under the shady cluster of trees or the white marquee.

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace

If the help-yourself seating arrangements wasn’t subtle enough to hint at the Tuscan Terrace‘s casual bistro style, then surely the fact one must order at the counter would be loud enough. Pick up their little folded menu or check the A-frame chalkboard for the specials. You get a buzzer that’ll signal your order is ready for pick up from the kitchen window around the other side.

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace

Tuscan Terrace’s Specials Board

Now there’s nothing wrong with the Tuscan Terrace bistro style menu of wood fired pizzas, pasta and selected mains, but how can one possibly resist anything listed on that specials board? After all, we learnt that Sirromet Winery’s executive chef is award winning Andrew Mirosch, who is also a commercial fisherman. That totally explains the specials, right?

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace - Stack of fresh Stradbroke Island Tiger prawns. AUD$27.90

Stack of fresh Stradbroke Island Tiger prawns. AUD$27.90

There was nothing really on the board that would indicate that the stack of fresh Stradbroke Island tiger prawns is an entree, but when compared side by side to the other two dishes, the SO and I agreed this dish may disappoint those who might assume this would be a proper main based on the price.

The stack of fresh Stradbroke Island tiger prawns might be more accurately described as an interwoven puzzle of chilled cooked prawns. The dish came with local sand crab meat served in a fresh avocado half with fresh mango and a chilli and tomato mayonnaise. Unfortunately while they were fresh, we found the brightly striped prawns lacked the characteristic sweet flavour and needed the mayonnaise to impart something to tickle the tastebuds.

The plump strands of sand crab with the avocado was the complete reverse and we had a blast digging into the mini pile topped with mango. This made for a great summer starter.

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace - Andrew Mirosch's own line caught crumbed Spanish mackerel. AUD$27.90

Andrew Mirosch’s own line caught crumbed Spanish mackerel. AUD$27.90

The crumbed Spanish mackerel was served with some really fat cut potato chips and a rustic tomato sauce served with several sprigs of rocket and a lemon wedge. The SO and I liked the herb crust and the fresh firm mackerel flesh, but coupled with the rich sauce, I just couldn’t get away from the idea that it was a parmigiana. If you’re not a huge fish fan, you might prefer it with the sauce.

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace - Pan fried veal scallopini with prawns, mussels and scallops. AUD$29.90

Pan fried veal scallopini with prawns, mussels and scallops. AUD$29.90

The Pan fried veal scallopini was cooked in Sirromet Chardonnay with handmade fusilli pasta served in a basil and shallot cream sauce. There were two pieces of every seafood, so I’m going to say that’s generous and allowed us to share a bit of everything. And my fork had no trouble dislodging the flesh from shells, saving me from any embarrassing flying seafood moments. The dish could’ve been just as good without the two thin tender discs of veal, but I wasn’t going to say no to it. The kitchen thankfully didn’t drown the pasta in the rich cream sauce – an all too common sin, so it was perfect and I left the plate clean.

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan Terrace

Sirromet Winery's Tuscan TerraceOverall, the food at Tuscan Terrace was enjoyable and reasonable for the price range and quality. If the day’s weather is turning out to be lovely and you plan on catching up with friends and family in a relaxed setting outside the city, Sirromet Winery’s Tuscan Terrace would definitely be worth the visit. Just slap on a hat, slick on some sunscreen and put on some shades and get there early to pick your spot to kick back with good food and drink.


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Disclaimer: I was invited and provided a AUD$100 voucher to dine at Sirromet Winery’s Tuscan Terrace. My opinions are my own.