The Garden Share Collective: Starting again

It’s a new year and funnily enough, my balcony garden seems to be getting a reboot. Lots of things have passed off into the land of beyond, so I started the new year with a number of empty planters.

These garden staple plants are still going strong:

  • Rosemary
  • Spring onions
  • Apple mint
  • Regular mint
  • Aloe vera
The Garden Share Collective 2014 February

Spring onion still going strong

I’m not too sure if my chilli will make it another year. After repeated aphid and ant attacks, I’m surprised it keeps bouncing back, but surely its luck will run out sooner or later.

Otherwise, the balcony garden has yielded a small bounty of yellow cherry tomatoes. As usual, tomatoes are surprise worm farm seedlings and never plants I intentionally plant.

The Garden Share Collective 2014 February

The Garden Share Collective 2014 February


But it’s been awhile since basil grew in the balcony garden. The last sweet basil plant died last year and I never got round to germinating a replacement. Seeing as how hot the weather has been and how productive the tomatoes are, here’s to having a new generation of basil. The Garden Share Collective 2014 February

The Garden Share Collective 2014 February

Radish seedlings

The Garden Share Collective 2014 February

This year, I’m trying to increase the ratio of flowering plants to attract more beneficial insects. I particularly enjoyed having the marigold, so I was thrilled with Louie of Flame Tree Flowers offered some marigold seeds to trade. Out of the 12 seeds I sowed, only five germinated and I lost 3 of them after transplanting them into proper planters. Fingers crossed the last 2 make it to adulthood.

The Garden Share Collective 2014 February

Marigold seedlings

I’ve also decided to stop fighting my alyssum. They are such prolific seeders and get everywhere, so I’ve choosen to give them another planter of their own. Hopefully I’ll have more purple and pink varieties in the mix.

The Garden Share Collective 2014 February

I’ve also tried germinating some lettuce seeds from my recently bolted lettuce and chive seeds from Louie’s trade. It’s been 4 weeks and nothing’s happened, so I’ll have to try again.

Speaking of seed saving, I took a walk around the hospital while waiting for the SO to come out of surgery, and found a seeding stalk, which I saved a couple of seeds from. I believe the plant blooms purplish blue flowers in a globe formation and has waxy large leaves that might resemble an orchid. Google suggested it might be an allium caeruleum, a variety of flowering onion. Guess there’s only one way to tell – sow them!



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