101 things in 1001 days: January 2014 update


The halfway mark of my 101 things to do in 1001 days project will be in a couple of short months. Where has all the time gone?! Taking advantage of the calm before the storm of appointments and commitments 2014 is bound to bring, I tried to tick off as many activities from the list as possible, but only managed 2. Let’s only hope I can get more productive next month.


#41 Keep my worm farm alive at least a year

My sister-in-law and her beau got me my first worms for my worm farm for Christmas 2012. The SO went with me to Bunnings to get the rest of the materials and helped me put together my very own worm farm (ie. taught me how to use a drill), so all the wrigglies moved in on 1 January 2013. If you’d like to build your own simple worm bin, here’s the tutorial I followed.

Since then, they’ve been happily processing most of our vegetable and plant matter under our kitchen sink. I’ve written about their work here and here. And I’m very happy to report the little things are not only alive, but quite happily multiplying and eating through a lot more than I ever anticipated. My balcony garden is loving it and so are we!

The best parts about keeping a worm farm are

  • I don’t need to purchase as much commercial fertiliser to keep everything happy and healthy
  • They don’t smell
  • They don’t need to be looked after everyday
  • They don’t need to be fed everyday
  • No one really knows they’re there, unless we tell them
  • They reduce our plant waste to almost nothing.


#79  Doodle once a day for 1 week

This one turned out to be a very easy one to finish, since the SO picked up a copy of 642 Things to Draw: Journal from Kinokuniya for me for Christmas. It’s been a fantastic source of inspiration! Follow me on Instagram if you’d like to see the rest of my doodles as I go along.