La Rotisserie, Newstead

There’s roast chicken. And then there’s roast chicken.

For AUD$10 – 12, you can get a cooked chook from the supermarket to feed a family of four. Cooking a raw one from scratch could cost you the same or more. And then there’s the sides to include: perhaps a garden salad or coleslaw? But for those who live in the New Farm/Teneriffe/Newstead block, there is an alternative and it isn’t fast food.

La Rotisserie opened not long after the Gasworks Plaza began welcoming residents last year, and its offering is the humble roast. Its Parisian café vibe is complete with the cane woven chairs and marble table tops under a rich red awning, upon which its name is printed in gentle curved lettering. Is it any wonder I was attracted to it?

However the difference in lighting between the bright airy Gasworks Plaza and the inside of La Rotisserie left me disorientated – so we chose to sit outside. This did not leave us at the mercy of the elements – outside was simply in the Gasworks Plaza walkway, which is still under cover.

La Rotisserie, Newstead

La Rotisserie, Newstead

I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, so ordered a small salad and choose to mix the bowl with 3 of the 4 available salad options. The bowl was massive and quite deep! I would’ve labelled it a medium or a large, and for AUD$10, you get a lot of salad.

Every salad was also fresh and not heavily dressed, so nothing was overly coated in oil, vinegar, salt or sugar. My favorite of the trio was the beetroot with feta, but the pearl couscous with sweet potato came a very close second.

La Rotisserie, Newstead

Small salad. AUD$10

La Rotisserie, Newstead

Half chicken with chips. AUD$

The SO needed something much more substantial and went with a half chicken with chips. Now had we gone with a supermarket roast chook, we would’ve gotten a bird half the size. La Rotisserie’s roast chicken however doesn’t come with stuffing, which for a HUGE stuffing fan (that’s me!), that is a bit of a disappointment.

Having said that, the chicken is roasted beautifully. The meat was cooked thoroughly, yet still plenty juicy and picking it apart with one’s fingers was so rewarding and primal – leaving us very satisfied.


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