Spinners, Jupiters Gold Coast

How do you balance a general aversion to gambling with a natural curiosity for how card games are played?

You head into a casino and watch other people lose at the card tables.

Having said that, the SO and I did drop AUD$2 into the pokie machines while we were on our Gold Coast Chirstmas getaway to figure out how to play them, but we arrived to the conclusion it’s boring and hardly worth the effort of pushing the buttons. After that I discovered the NoDepositRewards page on the BayNet.

Instead we tried our gambling hand at another Jupiter Gold Coast restaurant for dinner. All the card table watching had us famished, but we were too lazy to leave the hotel and the SO was keen to have a drink. Spinners is located right outside the casino area, making it a convenient choice – even if we knew absolutely nothing about it.

Sangria at Spinners, Jupiters Gold Coast

The holidays made for a packed venue of family and friend groups, but Spinners didn’t have any trouble finding us a table for two albeit close to the kitchen door. Left with menus to study, I watched some of the bustle. The staff, accustomed to the crowds was quick to serve orders and clear tables. And the seafood platter seemed like a very popular choice that evening, with the two-tier plate at every second table.

Despite the attraction to the seafood platter, the SO stuck to his guns and ordered from the grill. All grill menu items are served with creamy mash potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a choice of red wine jus, peppercorn or mushroom sauce.

Grain fed Angus sirloin 250gm at Spinners, Jupiters Gold Coast

Grain fed Angus sirloin 250gm. AUD$29

In this case, the seasonal vegetables were carrots and broccolini. Not a bad piece of meat, but I prefer grass fed beef for that beefier flavour.

Spicy Thai Beef Salad at Spinners, Jupiters Gold Coast

Spicy Thai Beef Salad. AUD$19

To combat the last couple of days of gluttony, I meekly submitted myself to the Spicy Thai Beef Salad. My efforts to be good were thwarted – the salad was massive! The peak of greens mixed with fresh coriander and mint was stacked with slices of beef and two malformed Emping (malinjo chips). I haven’t seen this type of chip in ages – they are typically found in Indonesian cuisine and I like them. The relatively fresh mixture of greens and punchy Asian dressing helped the somewhat drier beef strips go down easily.

Spinners also weren’t kidding when they gave this behemoth a three-chilli rating for spiciness. The kitchen have obviously made arrangements to cater to the chilli lords of Asia, because if the salad wasn’t already spicy enough, a deceptively innocent white saucer of dried chilli flakes sat on top of the lot at your disposal. I stupidly assumed the salad came unspiced and sprinkled a pinch, only to discover it near blew my head off.

The portion sizes left us too full for dessert – not necessarily a bad thing in my book and certainly a blessing for the post-Christmas waistline.


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