Waiting for the SO to come out of surgery at Sisco

After the SO’s spectacular fall and trip to emergency, he was scheduled for surgery on Saturday morning. While we arrived and he was admitted at the designated time of 8:30am, it wasn’t till 11am that he was wheeled – bed and all – to theatre and I was left to wait outside with the rest of the civilians.

Well, now what?

Being a Saturday, I was lucky enough to find an all-day free on-street parking spot, so I didn’t have to go home. But I had fasted with the SO and was dying for at least a decent coffee. The nurses had a couple of recommendations and gave me specific instructions on how to navigate through the inner bowels of the hospital to Boundary Street. Why do they always build hospitals like mazes? Perhaps there’s some medical journal out there that suggests patients recover quicker and worried loved ones worry less when having to contend with confusing corridors.

Sisco, Spring Hill

Once I had escaped the hospital, I picked the most popular looking cafe on the street and was drawn to their pumpkin, feta with spanish onion and tamarind sandwich. It sounded like the perfect thing to have for brunch and break the night’s fast. In asking for it to be toasted to have there with a large skinny latte, the sandwich was prepared with a simple rocket and chive salad, dressed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Sisco, Spring Hill

Besides the onion being sliced a little thicker and bursting with the sharp, astringent bite, this sandwich hit the spot and kept me going for the rest of the long hospital wait.

Total cost: AUD$14.50


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