What a way to spend a Friday


“I’m in the shower!”

“Erm, I had a fall and I think I’ve dislocated my elbow.”

I quickly finished my shower and came out to the living room to find the SO sweaty from his morning bike ride and his knee a bloody mess. He was also clutching his left arm like a newborn baby.


After a shower and a change of clothes, we trooped to the nearest medical centre, where the nurses cleaned and patched up his knee and gave him a tetanus/whooping cough shot. Then it was off to a pathology centre to get some X-rays. Who sent us back to the medical centre with the images, which the GP took a look of and sent us to hospital emergency to see a specialist.

The SO's elbow X-rays

The SO’s elbow X-rays

At the hospital, the SO had a CT scan (ensue hilarious scene with a nurse, a doctor, some lotion and 5 minutes of struggling to get the SO’s wedding ring on the offending arm without cutting it off). Turned out the dislocation is a lot more – there’s at least one fracture and the SO has been scheduled to go in for surgery tomorrow morning.

What a way to spend a Friday.

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