Breakfast at Flute Food and Wine, Rosalie

The Heavens had opened up over Brisbane and I ordinarily love rainy days for the cool relief it brings. But not when we have to go out hunting for breakfast. Our first attempt to grab sustanence at Comfort At My Table failed – I’ll have to remember it is becoming increasingly too popular to drop it in without one. So a quick scan of my to-visit list directed me to the next nearest breakfast joint – Flute Food and Wine in our old stomping ground of Rosalie.

Shaking off our damp umbrellas, we were directed to a table inside, well away from the rain. It didn’t take too long for glasses and a bottle of tap water to appear on our table, along with menus to study. Flute Food and Wine ‘s menu was easy to run through and we didn’t have any trouble making our choices.

Breakfast at Flute

Honeyed bacon and scrambled eggs

The SO was very pleased with his choice. The honeyed bacon portion was generous, making the delightfully flavoured pork a welcome start to the morning. The scrambled eggs were set a lot harder than I personally would like, but the SO hates runny scrambled eggs and found Flute Food and Wine’s version much more palatable.

Breakfast at Flute

Avocado and feta with salt pepper cherry tomatoes on toasted rye

In contrast, my healthier choice of the avocado and feta on toasted rye was full of fresh ingredients. The avocado portion seemed somewhat lacking, but given the current price of avocados at the markets, it didn’t surprise me. The creamy avocado and salty feta made a beautiful combination alongside the fresh well-seasoned tomatoes and crusty bread. The rye toast was not a particularly heavy variety I’ve come to associate with Scandinavia, but the characteristic flavour was definitely there and balanced the strong feta and tomato tartiness. This might not be a popular choice in wet chilly weather, but when you’re craving freshness, this is the one to go for.

Service at Flute Food and Wine could’ve been better on our visit. While they were busy, they were not at capacity and we felt somewhat ignored for awhile when we were looking to make our order. Later a tray of glasses came crashing down shattering glass everywhere, as it had been balanced on the counter and staff had been taking the glasses from only one side. It seemed like a rookie waitering mistake that could’ve been well avoided.

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