My Top 5 Brisbane Breakfast Discoveries of 2013

It’s taking me a little longer to get back into the swing of things after my 2-week work trip. Who knew I could accumulate that much laundry?!

While I’m getting my life back in order, I discovered my 2013 has been full of breakfasts. And they’ve been good ones, bad ones and ones that could’ve done better. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you need to have a great start to any day, so here are my top 5 Brisbane breakfast discoveries from 2013.


1. The Baker’s Arms

Fruit crumble. AUD$8.50

Fruit crumble. AUD$8.50

The Baker’s Arms might be a little out of the way for us and the parking situation in the area can be tricky, but it’s well worth the trip for freshly baked goods, healthy breakfast options and good coffee (try their cold drip). Bookings are not compulsory, but I have no doubt if the word keeps spreading, eventually that’ll be the only way you’ll be able to grab a table with them.

I still have dreams about their divine fruit crumble, but their menu is whatever they have in the chiller and on the counter. But do me a favour: try their almond croissant.


2. Double Shot Espresso

Double Shot Espresso

Why on earth did we wait so long to give Double Shot Espresso a go? And they are right around the corner from us.

These guys can rival some of the best breakfast cafes in New Farm (and there are some seriously strong contenders), but at least with Double Shot Espresso, there’s slightly more on-street parking, there are plenty of trees lining the streets to offer shade while you wait, and the food is worth it (try the Croque Madam if you are carving something sinfully rich and savoury). You just have to remember to bring cash.


3. Comfort at My Table

Comfort At My Table

Comfort at My Table might have the largest premises amongst my top 5, but they are so popular, you might not get a table without a little planning. We’ve been turned away several times, but that hasn’t deterred us from trying whenever we can to get back in.

Sure, the decor might be a little too sweet for your crotchey grandpa or pre-coffee partner, but the service is swift and the tucker soul satisfying. Keep an eye on their Facebook account for updates on themed menus. The menu doesn’t stick around long enough for you to get bored.


4. Ponycat

Avocado Smash on rye toast with a preserved lemon salsa. AUD$10

Avocado Smash on rye toast with a preserved lemon salsa. AUD$10

Forget that their name is super quirky and vibe funky, the same could be said about Ponycat‘s menu. Their offerings go beyond just poached eggs, ham and hollandaise sauce, and that’s one of the many reasons why we love stopping by. If you’re a sweets person, try their French toast.

The Ponycat crowd tends to be early and it isn’t a large cafe, so if you’re willing to have a later breakfast and park around the corner (Brunswick Street is the pits for on-street parking), I’d recommend having a breakfast at Ponycat.


5. Bungalow 4171

Savoury mince with tomatillo and charred corn topped with mash and a chipotle chutney and toast. AUD$15

Savoury mince with tomatillo and charred corn topped with mash and a chipotle chutney and toast. AUD$15

Bungalow 4171 might be last on the list, but they’ve certainly made a strong impression and were a surprise of my year (ie. I never knew they existed till I walked through their front door). Their vibe, decor and variety of seating areas are testament to the amount of consideration they’ve put in to making their cafe a true local. If the weather is fine, be tempted to sip your coffee and read a book out the front of Bungalow 4171 .

And don’t just check their menu. Get off your butt and survey the assorted goodies at the counter to add their little works of pastry art to the list of temptations.

Oh, and because Bungalow 4171 is a little further out of the way and in the burbs, they will probably be the easiest to find an on-street park.