Tank Bar and Laneway Dining (Tank Restaurant)

The SO was gifted a $50 giftcard from Best Restaurants of Australia for his birthday last year. It’s one of those gift cards you can spend at select restaurants around the country.  Unfortunately we haven’t been able to use it, as it seems to stuff up in the machines. Its year of validity is almost up, so we decided to give it one more go on our visit to Alastair McLeod’s Tank Restaurant and it didn’t work again.1

But at least we got our dinner.

Tank Restaurant

Tank Bar & Laneway Dining is more commonly referred to as Tank Restaurant. It wasn’t very busy for a Thursday night. Those who were there were having after-work drinks and we were waved to check out the menu in the window and just grab a seat anywhere down the laneway.

Tank Restaurant

After perusing the menu and grabbing our seats, we looked at each other wondering if Tank Restaurant is supposed to have table service or if we were to order up at the bar. No one seemed to be patrolling the line of tables as we waited 5 minutes, so the SO got up to make our order up at the bar. While he was away, a waiter miraculously appeared to ask if we wanted any drinks and water. Where were you hiding earlier, buddy?

Tank Restaurant

Eye fillet of beef with lyonnaise potato, horseradish cream, steamed greens with a pinot jus. (AUD$30)

Tank Restaurant

Sand crab linguine with cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, lemon, parsley (AUD$26)

The sand crab linguine is a simple dish that is easy on the chilli. No explosions here, which was nice. I was in the mood for simplicity.

The disc of butter on the SO’s eye fillet was excessively generous for such a beautifully cooked piece of meat, so we didn’t feel guilty about leaving most of it behind.


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1 The SO called Best Restaurants of Australia and they sent out an EFTPOS card with the $50 credit, rather than another Best Restaurants of Australia gift card.