Roll’d has rolled into town

Melbourne’s Vietnamese street food outlet Roll’d has rolled into town!

Owners Bao Hoang, his cousin Tin Ly and schoolmate Ray Esquieres opened a small hawker-style, Vietnamese eatery in a Goldsbrough Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. After seeing a fantastic response to this first store (and several others in Melbourne), Tin said ‘goodbye’ to the crazy Melbourne weather and relocated to Brisbane to open and oversee Roll’d‘s first Queensland store in Brisbane’s Queens Plaza.


Roll’d uses a buzzer system to keep the punters moving – after you place and pay for your order, you get a buzzer disc and told to return for your meal when it vibrates. That gives you time to hunt for a seat in the Queens Plaza foodcourt or find a spot to stand that won’t block the flow of human traffic.


Bun bo hue. AUD$9.40

Bun bo hue. AUD$9.40

The wait wasn’t long though. My Bun bo hue took all of 5 minutes to be presented to me in a plastic takeaway bowl with the soup in a tall paper cup. A lemon quarter wedge is included in the pack, so just pour the soup in whenever you’re ready.

The thick rice noodles were neither too slippery nor bloated from being cooked too long in boiling water – a pet peeve of mine. I wasn’t too impressed that some of beef had gristle through them, which might unceremoniously spitting them out into a napkin. The soup itself packs a punch and is a good balance of salty, sour and spicy. The spice level isn’t going to make anyone familiar with chilli cry, but it’s most definitely there and can give you the chilli sniffles.

This is where the homemade lemon tea comes in. If you’re a chilli lightweight, order this at a cool AUD$1.50 with your meal to keep your wits about you. I am quite wary of lemon teas that are too sweet (most commercially available flavoured teas fall in this category), too milky (many Asian bubble tea joints) or too sour. Roll’d has one of the better balanced lemon teas I’ve tried in Brisbane thus far, so massive thumbs up.

Roll'd Soldiers (barramundi, AUD$3.40) (Prawn and pork, AUD$3.60)

Roll’d Soldiers (barramundi, AUD$3.40) (Prawn and pork, AUD$3.60)

If you prefer to grab and go to get to your next appointment, then the Roll’d solders might be more your thing. Personally I would rather reach out for a Vietnamese rice paper roll over a sushi roll, especially in summer. You cannot help but feel healthy when biting into a chilled roll packed tightly with fresh vegetables.

These are already prepared and will be popped into a paper box with your choice of dipping sauce (you have 5 to choose from) for you to take on the run. I found the top of the skin on one of mine had dried out from being exposed too long in the chiller, but I did see staff whipping up more fresh rolls.


Disclaimer: The ban bo hue and homemade lemon tea were complimentary from Roll’d and Harvey Publicity, but I paid for the Roll’d Soldiers myself.