A quiet lunch at the Vegie Bar in Melbourne

When I began my vegetarian month, I debated  whether I should throw the limitations out the window if I was travelling out of town. Being outside home turf means hunting for food can be tricky, so I put it to the twitterverse and friends on Facebook for vego recommendations in Melbourne. Vegie Bar in Melbourne’s Fitzroy kept coming up, making it number 1 on my list to drop in when we spent the long weekend there.

Unfortunately I arrived on the earliest flight on Friday and the SO was still at work, leaving me alone to explore. Oh well, Vegie Bar was easy to find being on Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street and while it was busy, I had arrived as the lunch crowd was waning.

Vegie Bar

Unsure of what to do upon arrival, I stood in line with several other people who appeared to be ordering. When I got to the front of the line, I was told it was table service and a table would be shown to me. The table turned out to be at the bar facing the window overlooking the street, so I could watch the world go by with my iPad beside me.

Vegie Bar

The Vegie Special is a banana, honey smoothie with bee pollen, and is available with a milk base (AUD$6) or soy base (AUD$6.50). I quite enjoyed how smooth and not too thick to suck up the straw. It’s also been awhile since I’ve had bee pollen – these little beads of powdery sweetness added interest and thankfully didn’t stick embarrassingly to my teeth.

Vegie Bar

As for food, I couldn’t look away from the Raw Living Stack (AUD$13.50). Something about the idea of eating really fresh produce that is still full of its natural vitamins and minerals – a virgin, you might say – was tickling my fancy.

The dish is thinly sliced crisp discs of zucchini and squash, tomatoes and baby spinach, layered with cashew cheese, walnut and sage pesto, zesty tomato and beetroot sauce and heirloom tomato salsa.

Vegie BarThe fact that this blew my expectations out of the water speaks volumes. It had flavour, texture and all the gorgeous jewelled colour looked stunning on the plate and a joy to eat. Even for this regular meat eater like myself.


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