Starting the day right with breakfast at Cumulus Inc

When friend Celeste of Berrytravels suggested we drop into Cumulus Inc for breakfast when we’re in Melbourne, I scoffed at how far it would be to walk from our hotel on Google Maps. Little did we know Jessalyn of Feed Me Now Brisbane, who happened to be visiting Melbourne at the same time, would be keen to pay them a visit and it turned out to be such an easy stroll in the blistering cold morning air.

Walking into Cumulus Inc out of the cold was a relief and although it would be a 15 minute wait for a table, I was content to stick by the bar with an order of coffee (soy latte) and warm my cheeks while catching up on how we Brisbanites managed to coincidentally be in the same city at the same time.

Lulled by the easy bustle of clientele, it wasn’t long before we were ushered to a clean table and offered menus, while we snuck peeks at other tables. The popular breakfast option went to the CUMULUS INC. breakfast – a full hearty platter of boiled egg, toast, a small selection of preserves, yoghurt, organic orange juice and a coffee or tea.

But perhaps being in a different city gave us a larger sense of adventure and we went out on a limb for the sake of our tastebuds. Nothing traditional for us!

Cumulus Inc

Shakshouka – baked eggs with roasted peppers and shanklish. AUD$17.60


Cumulus Inc

Grilled Lyonaisse sausage, smoked hock, braised beans and 65/65 egg. AUD$19.80


Cumulus Inc

House smoked ocean trout, rye waffle, cucumber & cucumber & mustard crème fraiche. AUD$18.70

Being vegetarian for the month, I thought I would only have one or two menu options to choose from. Imagine my thrill when I had almost everything (save 2-3 items) available. Being spoilt for choice was suddenly totally new! So I went with something I could really sink my teeth into: Shakshouka. This hot pan of thick slurry with tomatoes, roasted peppers and sheeps’ cheese when dipped into the toasted was sensational and hit the spot against the bitter cold of Melbourne’s winter.

The SO threw me a bit of his rye waffle and it surprised me with its crispness. I am far more used to the sweet sugary versions dripping in maple syrup and butter, but Cumulus Inc‘s rye version could definitely beat the sweet version.

While the service at Cumulus Inc might not be warm and friendly, it was efficient and quick – a well-oiled machine in the face of a constant stream of punters coming in from the cold outside and getting a healthy satisfying start to the day.


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