A Sydney Exploration: Cafe Kawa

We were down to the last hours of our Sydney trip. Check out was a breeze and our luggage was secured when we stepped out into the crisp fresh air. Who knew if it would be another year before we visited again? Surry Hills had revealed several gold nuggets of discovery, so we retraced our steps back into the suburb for one more hurrah.

Strolling hand in hand with the SO, we reflected on our long weekend in the city and talked about what we had planned for the week ahead – all the while keeping our eyes peeled for a breakfast nook that appealed to us.

After our breakfast at Bills, we wanted something cozy and intimate – a local place that felt organic and a home away from home. We noticed staff prepping Cafe Kawa for the morning from across the street and I was drawn to its hole-in-the-wall English country frontage.


We shuffled across the street to ask if they might be open for breakfast, what with still putting out the al fresco furnishings for the day – they were ready for business, so we grabbed a seat facing the street to watch the world, mostly comprised of customers grabbing coffees and juice go by. We marvelled at the number of people tackling the hilly streets on ordinary bicycles and in normal clothes. The casual bike rider phenomenon is still in its infancy in Brisbane (lycra warriors on the other hand are a dominant species), so it was a pleasure to note the trend was popular in the bigger city.

I was intrigued – Cafe Kawa is the first non-vegan/vegetarian establishment I’ve visited that offers a vegan menu option. Vegetarian menu options are common enough these days, but I have always wondered if vegans get much variety when dining out. It has been one of the reasons why I haven’t tried being vegan, so I ordered the vegan big breakfast.


Vegan Big Breakfast. AUD$16.50

The vegan big breakfast came with a roasted tomato and rather than butter (or margarine), there was thick hummus. Now I love butter, but the hummus was much more satisfying. The nutty chickpea flavour was subtle and its creamy texture was so easy to slather onto my toast. It inspired me to make a batch of my own the week we got back to Brisbane and I ate hummus on toast for a week. It was that good that I wanted to relive that experience over and over again.

The rest of the plate included ripe avocado, roast pumpkin, slow roasted tomato with basil, sauteed mushrooms and homemade baked beans with your choice of toast.



Big Breakfast. AUD$16.50

The SO got the regular Big Breakfast, which comprised of organic eggs done any style with balsamic slow roasted tomato, homemade baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and bacon or avocato with your choice of toast




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