A Sydney Bar Exploration: Grandma’s Bar and Stitch

What were the chances we would stumble upon a foodie event in process? As the SO and I squinted to read the sign in the window, the two ladies setting up inside came out to tell us to come back when they were ready to their Italian wine tasting event. It was being organised by foodie blogger Ms Darlinghurst under the Secret Foodies banner and she was absolutely lovely!

When told we were from out of town and asked if she had any recommendations, she immediately sprouted an extensive list of places we should check out. Unfortunately due to a lack of time, we could only visit two of them and as promised, they were definitely worth our while. We definitely plan on visiting the other places on our next trip.


Pre-dinner drinks at Grandma’s

Grandma's “Where are you?!” “Oh,” You casually reply. “I’m at Grandma’s.” Betcha they might not bat an eyelid. And you know what? That’s exactly the conversation we heard around us – people telling others over the phone they were at Grandma’s, as if they were round the corner for a spot of tea. Grandma's




Grandma's How awesome is the name ‘Grandma’s’? Suppose you hanging out at the bar with a bunch of friends when your overprotective parents (or partner) call. Well, there isn’t any tea to be had, but Grandma’s definitely got quite the liquor cabinet. Grandma’s also has a thing for kitsch décor – a mounted deer’s head has an unfinished knitted turban, intimate seats that looked they were purchased back in the 70s, framed photographs from a bygone era. It was all a hodge podge collection of a spicy granny with quite a bit of life to her to kick around.


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Post-dinner drinks at Stitch

With dinner done and dusted, we hunched over our mobiles to navigate our way to Stitch. We almost walked past it, had it not been for the bouncer by the door who confirmed we were at the right place. The entrance is set back a little from the pavement in the … building and what initially looked like just a wall of sewing machines (hence the name ‘Stitch’) was actually  the gateway to the basement bar. The bar is at the bottom of the wide wooden stairs – not to be navigated willy-nilly after you might have one too many. And seating was tucked all along the walls and by the stairway, with more private spaces for small groups. Stitch Bar

Stitch Bar

Stitch Bar Stitch’s food menu was decent compared to Grandma’s limited jaffers and we saw a number of calamari orders come out of the kitchen. But when in a bar, one should have their drinks. Stitch Bar


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Many thanks to Ms Darlinghurst for her fantastic recommendations, which made for a fun evening on our last night in Sydney!