A Sydney Exploration: South Dowling Sandwiches

South Dowling Sandwiches

This, my friends, is one of the most awesome sandwiches I have ever had the pleasure of chowing down on.

It is a chicken schnitzel with red pesto and caramelised carrots on white bread.

I know that sounds almost snore-worthy, but hear me out.

We were walking through Darlinghurst and I spied up ahead the tiniest little corner shop with people spilling out onto the street, yet everyone was patiently filing through. I whipped out my mobile phone and checked to see what business was the cause of this mad waiting.

It turned out to be a sandwich bar, but from scanning the reviews, you’d think they made heaven on earth. I had to see for myself and braved the line. It moved quickly and I was asked to wait patiently for the next batch of caramelised carrots to be done (10 mins).

Lulled by the rhythmic thumping of knives chopping through dozens of carrots to be thrown into a giant fryer, I was presented with an aluminium wrapped package that was huge, comfortingly warm and smelt amazing. I hugged my little warm brick for the rest of our walk and when we finally took a rest, I expected to unwrap the foil to a soggy mess that would have the bread stuck to the foil and everything tasting less than ideal.

As you can see above, there was nothing of a sort. Instead, I was rewarded with a soft white bread with an only slightly dampened proper crust (not the soft pillow brown shell you get from regular sandwich loaves), with a spread of limp but sweet caramelised carrots, bright orange red pesto and a breadcrumbed crusted chicken schnitzel.

Heaven, I tell you. Heaven.


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