A quick and not-so-nasty lunch at Noodle Haus in Westfield Carindale

One of the things I miss most about the motherland is the easy accessibility to a piping hot – almost too hot to hold – bowl of freshly cooked noodles swimming in clear broth that looks completely devoid of anything, yet tastes of the entire universe distilled to its marrow. It always made a simple yet satisfying meal that warmed the heart and the tummy. And it was almost always cheap.

What I didn’t realise when I first moved to Australia was how hard it would be to find such meals. And if I did, how blank the broth would taste – a ghost of what it should be. And how expensive. Paying AUD$9 – 15 for a bowl of noodles when the same would cost SGD$2-5 is a thorn that twists in my heart every time I open my purse.

So you cannot blame me when we found ourselves hungry in the Westfield Carindale with no interest in the selection of fast food in their food court. Biting my lip, I scanned the range on offer, quickly rejecting each one with ‘too fried’, ‘too expensive’, ‘too unhealthy’, ‘too sweet’, ‘too fatty’…

When my eyes fell on the relatively new Noodle Haus stall between the Taste froyo and Donut King kiosks, I paused. I scanned their straight forward menu – noodles for AUD$8.80 a bowl and a small selection of sides. While my better judgement screamed ‘don’t do it! You know you’ll regret it!’, hunger won out and I prepared myself for potential disappointment as we placed our order.

Noodle Haus in Westfield Carindale

Noodle Haus in Westfield Carindale

The Noodle Haus kiosk is much like every other stall in the Westfield Carindale food court – orders are made and paid for. You’re issued a numbered ticket and wait for your number to be called out. A small section of the counter is dedicated to cutlery pick up and a few sauces – light soy, chilli and black vinegar. There are no dedicated seats for Noodle Haus, so if you find yourself there during busy lunch, I recommend tag-teaming with your partner or family to find a seat while you wait for your order. Noodle Haus in Westfield Carindale

Noodle Haus in Westfield Carindale


The SO shared my reservations, but like me, threw himself to Fate by ordering laksa. Having tasted the real deal back in Singapore and Malaysia, he has been disappointed by the laksas in his homeland. He poked around and was initially happy to see that Noodle Haus had used the traditional combination of fat yellow Hokkein noodles and rice vermicelli. Big tick for Noodle Haus.

Shredded chicken, barbeque pork (char siew), fish ball and prawns were all topped the waxed paper bowl. The SO tentatively sipped his first spoonful of laksa soup, then scooped one and commanded me to try it.

“What do you think?”, he asked.

“It… it tastes of hebi (dried shrimp). Like a lot of hebi!”

“I know, right?!”

Noodle Haus in Westfield Carindale

The SO tucked in in fervour and quipped once that he loved the sliced barbeque pork. After the meal, he even patted his tummy in satisfaction and said it hit the spot.

Noodle Haus in Westfield Carindale

XO prawn noodle soup

I couldn’t agree with him more. My XO prawn noodle soup had a generous serve of 6 prawns and suitably portioned for AUD$8.80. I couldn’t detect any XO in the soup, but for AUD$8.80, I wasn’t expecting to. The soup is slightly spicy, just not enough to tingle the tongue. Not that it matters, Noodle Haus offers several types of chilli sauce and I loaded up on chilli oil.Noodle Haus in Westfield Carindale

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