Fresh seafood off the trawler

It isn’t often we purchase seafood. It’s not that Brisbane doesn’t have access to amazing seafood – it does. It’s more than the SO and I refuse to compromise on less than fresh seafood, and that can make shopping for it harder than our weekly grocery shop involves.

With that said, we did have an opportunity to visit the Gold Coast Fisherman’s Co-op after our breakfast at Providore in the Marina Mirage.

I had never been on a fisherman’s trawler before, so this was a completely new experience and I felt my inexperience most when I stepped up to my first trawler to ask about their spanner crabs. The gentlemen had just a couple left and pulled out one from the icy slush of an esky, before telling me the finer points of opening one up after I had told him I had never eaten one before.

A homemade seafood dinner fresh from the Gold Coast trawlers

The crab only cost us AUD$7 for a half kilo specimen and I was surprised its legs were thick enough to yield some sweet morsels of flesh. The shell was also much easier to crack open with my teeth than a mudcrab. Yes, I realise I shouldn’t bite down to crack crustacean shells and will need dental work if I keep it up… but old habits die hard.

A homemade seafood dinner fresh from the Gold Coast trawlers

I also picked up 2 fresh octopus as well. I had to gut, tenderise and break them down myself, but it was such satisfying work. They were cooked very simply in some minced garlic, chilli flakes, white wine and finished with chopped parsley and a squeeze of lime. Divine when tossed through some pasta!

A homemade seafood dinner fresh from the Gold Coast trawlersBut the real reason we were there was to sample their prawns. Their medium sized prawns were selling at AUD$25 per kilo and the size of their medium were definitely the largest sized prawns you’d find in a supermarket. We bought half a kilo of them and chowed down to a seafood dinner, made complete with a fresh salad, oven baked crinkle cut chips and homemade tartare sauce.

What could be more perfect?