Domino’s new Chef’s Best range pizzas

Growing up, the only pizzas we could get in Singapore came from Pizza Hut. It wasn’t till I was well into my teen years that I learnt Pizza Hut pizzas were much more foccacia based than authentic pizza based. That explained why I was not a huge fan of pizzas from always feeling like an over-inflated blimp and even today, I am very cautious about trying a new pizza joint.

Nonetheless, the SO and I would indulge in a Domino‘s pizza during our uni days, particularly when we were cramming for an assignment or exam and couldn’t bear to face another instant noodle meal. Armed with coupons, we always fell back on their traditional pizzas to give us a decent fill for our buck.

Today, we hardly ever order pizzas. What used to be a monthly or weekly affair (depending of time of academic year) has now become an annual blip on the culinary radar. Maybe it’s because we’ve grown too used to the pizza range or with a greater disposable income, pizzas have become too pedestrian.

Perhaps that’s who Domino‘s is trying to reach with their new Chef’s Best range – the ex-customers who have fallen a little out of love or forgotten about them. Apparently a recent survey of over 1,600 Australians revealing that 80% of respondents want more toppings and over 70% want more restaurant quality ingredients on their pizza. So that’s the need Domino‘s has prepared to meet with their Chef’s Best range.

Domino's new Chef's Best range

The new range includes eight different pizzas – Chef’s Best Grand Supreme, Chef’s Best Loaded Meatlovers, Chef’s Best Chicken & Camembert, Deli Vege and Camembert, BBQ Duck & Blue Cheese, Chicken & Cranberry, Shiraz Lamb & Tomato and BBQ Pork & Hollandaise.

Domino's new Chef's Best range

Here’s a photo with my hand for a size comparison. If you’re particularly hungry with a hearty appetite, you shouldn’t have any problems wolfing a pizza down on your own. If you’re a smaller eater, 3-4 pieces will do you fine and you can keep the rest for later.

I’m no stranger to rectangular pizzas, but it’s not a common form for commercially available pizzas. These cut into 6 squarish rectangles, which when picked up, hold firm and means no floppy tails you have to crane your neck like a roller coaster to navigate into your gob. I’m already liking this, just for this point alone.

Domino's new Chef's Best range

Deli veg and Camembert

The Deli Veg with Camembert has baby spinach, camembert, red onion, mushroom, capsicum, fresh tomato, olives, oregano & mozzarella on crème fraiche topped with tomato capsicum sauce.

I’m normally never a veggie pizza eater, but this one is so packed with ingredients and yet didn’t go soggy, that I didn’t miss the animal protein. The chunks of camembert were generous and deliciously oozy with the edges just turning a touch of brown from having been in the oven. As for the veg, they have all retained their juiciness and I didn’t taste a limp plant anywhere. This was certainly a pleasing surprise.

Domino's new Chef's Best range

Chicken and Cranberry

The chicken and cranberry was by far the favorite of the evening. It has seasoned chicken, camembert, red onion, baby spinach, mozzarella and cranberry sauce. The cranberry sauce isn’t terribly sweet and complemented the camembert very well. I half expected a bit of stringiness, but the chicken was juicy and flavourful.

Domino's new Chef's Best rangeBoth pizzas were on a light pillowy base with a crispy shell, which I found sat well in my stomach. Every bite had us going ‘mmmm, this is good!’ and while they are not highbrow gourmet, they are definitely giving conventional pizzas a good run for their money and I’d give them two thumbs up for taste. I already have my eye on the shiraz lamb and tomato and the BBQ pork with hollandaise to try next.

Domino‘s new Chef’s Best range of pizzas are already available.

Have you tried any of the  Chef’s Best range pizzas? Which flavours have you tried and what did you think?


Disclaimer: Both pizzas were kindly provided by Domino‘s.