Thanh Thanh in Adelaide city

Thanh Thanh

Hunting for dinner on a Sunday night in the city after a massive food conference in Adelaide isn’t easy. How can anything compete with what was offered at the conference?

The SO whipped out his trusty iPhone and according to the SO’s cursory mobile research, Thanh Thanh is apparently the best place in Adelaide city for Vietnamese pho. Well then, challenge accepted!

Thanh Thanh

Thanh ThanhThanh Thanh’s exterior promises nothing – the street is already quiet and adopting an alleyway feel… and not in a good way. Cars are parked along the street and as you walk past the shut stores, you notice more and more delivery access ways with shut rollers.

Once you find Thanh Thanh, the decor is bright and cheery. And the place is full of young Asian faces, so there appeared to be some truth in their claim to be the best place in Adelaide city for Vietnamese pho.

The SO’s order of the combination noodle soup, while I went with a tamer pho with just sliced beef. The food arrived quickly and all the appropriate condiments were supplied. For price, the portion was decent.

However Thanh Thanh might be the best place in Adelaide city for Vietnamese pho, but it is not the best pho I’ve ever tasted. Still, it’s not a bad budget eat if you’re craving pho in the city.


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