Back to normality after two weeks of conference work

It has been a BIG two weeks in my world, so thank you so much for your patience!

I have spent the past 14 days in Melbourne and Brisbane, working hard and playing hard, and while it has been fun meeting and working with new people, I am so relieved to come home, kick back and sleep the weariness of being up at 5:30am (sometimes 2:30am) and working hard till at least 6pm away.

I am also very excited to eat home cooked meals again. As beautiful and tasty as conference, hotel and restaurant food can be, there comes a point when all I crave for is something I whip up in my own kitchen. I’ve missed being at the markets; touching, smelling and working with fresh ingredients in relative peace.

And be back to blogging! I have really missed having the energy and time to sit down and tap away my thoughts on the keyboard. I hope to have a couple of posts coming up really soon, but in the meantime, here are some of the dishes that were served at the conference.