Devour Dessert Bar, Adelaide

If something is on fire when you enter an establishment, one’s natural response should be to run away.

We obviously didn’t.

Devour Dessert Bar is only the second business I’ve visited from Adelaide’s dessert scene and owner Quang’s creations have been known to be deliciously innovative.

All desserts are AUD$12 each, except the specials.

While you can share your desserts with your dining companions, Devour Dessert Bar does have a policy of everyone ordering at least one menu item each (ie. a party of 4 orders 4 items). Any place that insists you have dessert is alright by me.

Service was overall quick enough – it was not at its busiest when we arrived, so we had our pick of table. Quang came up to our table to take our orders, which was very much appreciated.

Burnt milk panna cotta, peanut butter crunch, blackberry gel and peanut butter and jelly macaron

The burnt milk panna cotta was Corrie’s choice and while the taste I had of her panna cotta was creamy and light, it was the peanut butter crunch that sang. This is how crunchy peanut butter should be: crisp and crunches down so loud in your ear, it’s all you can hear. Every bite releases even more of the creamy peanut butter flavour that coats and sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Celeste requested for something new, as being a local and a regular, she has already tried everything on the menu. Quang returned and offered a serve of the special from the day before – Lemon gelato, lemon pith gel, candied zest, pistachio crumble, balsamic reduction, lemon sherbet cotton candy.

This little dessert is one heck of a pick-me-up. Lifting the fluffy cotton candy reveals an unassuming scoop of refreshingly zesty gelato upon a landscape of messy crumble a child might have flung down in frustration. But with every mouthful, your mouth is sucked into this bright sunshine concoction of citrus, which mellowed only slightly by the richer balsamic reduction.

Eton Mess, strawberries, passionfruit, marscapone

The Eton Mess was dripping in tangy fresh passionfruit pulp on well-coated meringues and strawberries. The meringues are shaped like cashew nuts and hard enough to rebel against the spoon and fork, but once it’s in your mouth, they yield and melt with a good solid chomp. Don’t worry, you won’t break your teeth.

Chocolate brownie, banana ice-cream, chocolate crunch and caramelized banana

The SO refused to share any of his chocolate brownie, so I reckon I can rate that dessert as pretty darn good.

Oh, as for the dessert that was on fire? That was the Bombe Alaska, strawberry parfait, milk crumbs, macerated strawberries.


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