The Pantry on Egmont in Adelaide

Breakfast. What to do about breakfast in Adelaide? We were back in town a day early for the Eat.Drink.Blog 2012 conference and after a restless night in a strange bed, I desperately needed something to perk me up for the day ahead.

The Pantry on Egmont is in the ‘atas’ part of town (extra brownie points, if you know what ‘atas’ means). Friend Celeste described purchasing any real estate in the area as phenomenally expensive and driving past the well-kept grounds surrounding pretty European style homes, it’s not hard to perceive this quiet residential area as one of affluence.

The Pantry on Egmont on the other hand, exudes waves of retro chic that is at once homely and inviting. The space is small and seats were limited, so we were invited to wait outside on an assortment of mismatched stools with a bottle of water and several glasses till a table was available. Thankfully the wait was only several minutes and with the soft morning sunshine outside, not unpleasant.

Grilled haloumi. AUD$14.50

What is even better is the grilled haloumi, which is actually a lunch menu item, was available. Apparently we had arrived at that magic hour between breakfast and lunch, so Celeste ordered that. It came with roast tomato, rocket and a lemon and kalamata olive dressing, so I expect lots of salty umami flavours on that plate.

The garden breakfast

The garden breakfast, which consists of two free range eggs (done your way, or this case the SO’s way), slow roasted tomato and open  field mushroom, avocado… oh, and home-made baked beans on sourdough toast… is a filling breakfast. Just look at that mothership of breakfast food!

Herbed crusted sardines with horseradish cream spinach on rye toast. AUD$13.90

If you’re from Asia, you’ve probably had tinned sardines in tomato sauce as a kid. My mum used to mashed them up – bones and all – with freshly sliced red chilli and red onion to make a sandwich filling or served alongside congee. It was a childhood favorite of mine, but I haven’t been inclined to buy any since moving to Australia.

Needless to say, when I saw the herbed crusted sardines with horseradish cream spinach on rye toast on the menu as a special, I had to see if I could relive those cherished childhood moments. The dish appears small by comparison, but it is downright delightful! The sardines were definitely fresh, but like their tinned comrades, you can chomp down on these crunchy babies – fin, spine and all. Gently slathered with the light but creamy horseradish cream, the fishiness of the sardine evolves to mature into being a little more subtle.

Service is overall quick. However I did have to search for menus as we were not provided any and they are stashed in a little nook in the shelves under the counter.


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