Maple 3 Cafe in Maleny

The problem with travelling during the school holidays is the sheer volume of traffic coming in and out of the city. Imagine debating potential family movements, almost as if they are flocks of migratory birds, so one can plan routes and times to avoid them. So eager to bypass the post-school holiday crowd choking the highways, the boys opted to take the inland route through the hinterlands from Noosa back to Brisbane.

This meant our lunch pitstop options would either be Montville or Maleny – both really small towns we had been to before. Yet I seem to forgotten our visits. The boys chose the less touristy small, scenic town of Maleny on the Blackall Range.

Sleepy immediately comes to mind when we drive into the little town. The usual Sunday market crowds had thinned as the temperature rose to an almost uncomfortable sweaty level.

Luke suggested we visit Maple 3 Cafe in Maleny, where he visited on his last trip to Maleny.

Fettuccine with oven roasted vegetables with garlic and olive oil. AUD$17

Cajun chicken salad. AUD$13.50 (S), AUD$16.50 (L)

Ploughman’s Platter. AUD$17.50

The beverages were impressive and really hit the spot to tackle the heat.

The Cajun chicken salad is a bed of shredded lettuce, Cajun spiced chicken, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and sour cream. Luke struggled to finish his salad and left most of his sour cream behind.

I had the roast vegetable pasta with garlic and olive oil. The roast vegetables – predominantly pumpkin, capsicum and zucchini – were delicious, but you had to look past the ocean of olive oil everything on the plate was drowning in. Being heavy on the garlic provided heaps of flavour, but I wouldn’t recommend you try kissing or cuddling anyone immediately after. At least not without chowing down on a packet of mints.

The SO’s Ploughman’s Platter was the mother of all platters. Beside the mountain of shredded carrot, sprouts, the SO skipped the butter and piled in the crusty halved baguette with the shaved ham, vegetables, sharp matured cheddar cheese and finished it off with the apple slices. The chutney

Unless you’re a big eater, I highly recommend ordering the Ploughman’s Platter to feed two people.


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