Berardo’s Bistro on the Beach, Noosa Heads

It was our first morning at Noosa and we were starving! What is it about the beach and the sound of crashing waves that encourages one’s appetite? Not wanting to miss a moment of the glorious sunshine, we dropped in at Berardo’s Bistro on the Beach bright and early to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean over breakfast.

While Luke and I had a simple toasted ham, cheese and tomato croissant each (we were planning to hit the water, afterall), Amanda and the SO went for the heartier breakfasts. Not that there is anything wrong with a warm flakey concoction of buttery pastry with melting cheese and thinnly sliced salty ham to kickstart the day.

When Amanda split open her poached eggs on her bacon and eggs with toasted sourdough breakfast, the luscious gold yolk oozed like lava perfectly over the toast. What’s not to love about perfect egg-porn? The pansy bloom on the butter was a cute touch.

We teased that the SO’s breakfast of Cooroy leg ham, fried eggs, potato, dill, asparagus with air dried olives resembled a breakfast pizza without the pizza base.  The ham had been laid down as a disc foundation for two eggs, several crunchy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside potato cubes, fresh asparagus and generous sprinkling of dill.  With the exception of the olives, the SO ignored our taunting and enjoyed his breakfast.

Bacon and eggs with toasted sourdough. AUD$18


Cooroy leg ham, fried eggs, potato, dill, asparagus with air dried olives. AUD$19


Ham, cheese and tomato croissant. AUD$8


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