La Vida Restaurant at Noosa Heads

After a ridiculous couple of weeks, the SO bounced off an idea to head up to Noosa for the weekend with friends Luke and Amanda. Rather than drive on the Saturday, we opted to drive straight down after work and found ourselves making excellent time – so excellent, we could have dinner at Noosa at a decent hour.

After checking in, we roamed down Hastings Street, unsure of where to get dinner. We were almost at the end of the street when we chanced upon La Vida Restaurant.

Although we didn’t have a reservation, we were seated quickly and the service was fantastic! The waiter was not only warm, but had a great sense of humour and found the ideal balance between advertising La Vida Restaurant‘s wares and flirting with the punters. I certainly felt extremely welcomed without pressured to order one item over another.

Not that you need any help with that, because stealing glances at other tables gave us a hint of things to come.

Warm organic bread with roman salsa, balsamic oil and green olive tapenade. AUD$14.50


Seafood green curry with rocket, jasmine rice and poppadums. AUD$35


Lamb shanks on parsley infused potato mash. AUD$29.90


Fish of the Day: pan seared cone bay barramundi on bed of potato mash. AUD$39.90


Seafood chowder. AUD$24.50


Luke’s Seafood green curry has bay prawns and barramundi with red onion, capsicum, bean shoots and red cabbage. It might not look like much on the plate (in fact, the rice is hidden under the poppadums) and doesn’t pack the kind of spice heat as those who are familiar with chilli might like, but Luke said he was stuffed and enjoyed it.

When the lamb shanks arrived, our jaws dropped. The portion looked HUGE (and were, because Amanda could only finish one)! These babies are slow cooked and served with honey glazed carrot batons and golden shallots.

The barramundi fish of the day was loaded with roast capsicum, proscuitto and gympie green beans topped with sea scallops and dressed with dill and baby caper cream.

And finally, I adored my order of La Vida Restaurant‘s famous chowder. It arrived in a crusty cob, so popping off the lid was almost like opening a little gift. The fresh oyster that is served as a finishing touch the first thing I slurped up. Whether or not its salty sea flavour is an aphrodisiac, it certainly had me prepped and eager to dig into the chowder, which is loaded with barramundi, prawns, mussels and scallops.


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