My Favorite Brisbane Eats

Photo by Matthew Stewart


Everyone has a list of favorites – that collection of names, phone numbers and addresses you always turn to when asked to make a recommendation for lunch/dinner/coffee or any type of shenanigans one might get up to.

Mine is constantly evolving with every new experience and recommendation, so here’s my current list of Brisbane favorites – the places where I know might not be perfect, but I know I will get a good feed.



Breakfast: Pablo

Fish and chips: Fish Lovers, though we’ve had a few ammonia scented flake dinners before

Italian: Verve for pastas and risottos, Vespa Pizza for pizza

Fast food: Guzman y Gomez. Particularly for their barramundi.

Cheap Asian: It’s a toss up between City Wok and Satay Club Noodle House.

Yum cha: Parkland or Bamboo Basket

Indian: Taj Mahal

Thai: Siam Square Thai Restaurant

Korean: Madtongsan

Japanese: Oooo, this is a toughie. For traditional homestyle, it’s Amimoto (I know this one is on the Gold Coast, but I love it that much). Modern dining, it’s Saké Restaurant & Bar. For lots of fun (and sake), Wagaya.

Fine dining (ie. romantic date for two): Ortiga (the restaurant downstairs, not upstairs tapas) or Tukka (for an ‘Aussie’ experience)

Cafe: Le Bon Choix or the Tea Centre

Pub: Belgian Beer Cafe Brussels. Their pot of mussels is a winner and there’s a good range of beers.

Bar: The Bowery


So now that you know my favorites, here’s my challenge to you.

Reckon your ‘favorite’ is better? Throw down the gauntlet!

Leave a comment to tell me what it is (and if it’s a really obscure place, where it is) and send me on a quest to try out your ‘favorite’!