Baguette Bistrot+Bar

October is always a big month for us. It is that line in the sand to remind us it’s almost the end of the year and our calendars fill up with lots of events in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year.

Earlier this week, we celebrated the SO’s birthday at Baguette Bistrot+Bar.

This is a particularly special birthday for the SO, as it’s his last twenties-birthday and I have been teasing him about turning 30 next year. The big 3-0!

Rather than spend it as a wild party (I’ll save that for next year), we opted for a much more subdued celebratory dinner at Baguette Bistrot+Bar.

I’ve been on Baguette Bistrot+Bar‘s mailing list for ages, but always missed out on visiting. The SO received a Best Restaurants of Australia gift card as a birthday present (thanks Luke and Amanda!), so we were stoked they are a partner in the program and they were open on a Monday.

A quick phone call later to make reservations and I spent the rest of the day, wriggling in my chair at work with anticipation. Do you know how hard it is for me to be patient?!

Warm crusty sourdough bread, served with butter


Carpaccio of scallops, lime juice, Wendland cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, lumpfish caviar and fresh micro herbs. AUD$25.70


Roast duck breast with pistachio stuffing, baby beets, Agen prunes and grilled spring onions. AUD$43.70


Lettuce, avocado and apple salad.


Fresh market fish fillet of ocean trout, sustainably caught, served with chef’s garnish and sauce. AUD$39.50

Baguette Bistrot+Bar turned out to be a fabulous dining experience. We got a table by their large French doors, which opened out to their little garden complete with iron wrought park bench and bubbling fountain. The service was very friendly and complimented the warm atmosphere Baguette Bistrot+Bar have created outside of the city bustle.

And most importantly, the food was absolutely divine. We started with some of the crusty sourdough bread with butter and the carpaccio of scallops, which had a good solid hit of spine shuddering lime. The scallops were so delicate, I almost felt sorry about slipping them down the hatch.

My choice of main was the roast duck breast with pistachio stuffing and it was one of the most perfectly cooked duck I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. The full flavours made me sigh with pleasure and savour each bite a little more.

The SO was not disappointed with his fresh market fish fillet either and was particularly impressed with the artichoke. His comment that this was how artichoke should be prepared was almost enough for me to want to thump him over the head, but he got to a free pass as his birthday present. :p

I am definitely hoping we visit Baguette Bistrot+Bar again soon.


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