Crust Pizza Norwood, Adelaide

You know how by the end of a really long exhausting day, just about anything smells amazing and all you wanna do is stuff anything into your mouth to curb the hunger pangs?

Yah, that feeling.

I had to hold out, as there was a post-conference dinner at Crust Pizza Norwood. But I was starting to fade away… and fast. Feed me. Stat!

I love how Crust Pizza Norwood make their pizzas in front of you. It’s not hidden around the back or semi-hidden by menu boards. It is – BAM – in your face, so you can watch the staff slather sauce and pile on the ingredients from the smorgasbord of produce, while perched on a stool waiting for your order.

I am also pretty impressed with their menu. Each pizza has a kJ rating, so it is so easy for those on a strict diet plan to make more informed choices. Of the adult pizzas, the Proscuitto (thinly sliced proscuitto, tomatoes and garlic on a tomato base with shaved parmesan and wild rocket) in a medium costs AUD$17 and is the lowest energy rating of 4410kJ.

They also have 4 vegetarian options (thumbs up!), although I wasn’t keen on the Sweet Potato one. The Wild Mushroom on the other hand, was freaking divine if you’re a funghi fan.

Next time we visit, I would be keen to try out their Upper Crust pizza range, which includes Peking Duck (marinated Peking duck fillets, steamed bak choy, shallows and sesame seeds, garnished with fresh chilli on a hoisin sauce base), Five Spice Pork Belly (5 spice marinated pork belly on a tomato base with fresh pear slices, wild rocket, crushed walnuts and drizzled with balsamic glaze) and Wagyu Prawn (4+ marble score Wagyu beef, marinated tiger prawns, fresh asparagus, roasted capsicum, shallots on a tomato base, drizzled with Hollandaise sauce).

Wild mushroom (osyter, portobello & shiitake mushrooms, fresh asparagus & toasted pine nuts on a béchamel sauce base with shaved parmesan)


Haiwaiian (ham and pineapple on a tomato base)



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