Zedz Cafe in Adelaide’s Central Markets

The big day arrived! It was the morning of the Adelaide Beauty Conference 2012 and the first order of business was to pick up some breakfast and the catering for the conference at Zedz Cafe.

Well, Celeste did, anyway. We were just offering to lend her a hand, in exchange for taking us to have a good breakfast, lest we keel over in hunger death pangs.

It was our first time at Adelaide’s Central Market and I can see why people flock here. There is such a wide variety of shops offering such an abundance of wares. Shoppers roam up and down the broad clean aisles, inspecting the well-spaced and organised stalls for their day/week’s food. I am almost tempted to say Adelaide’s Central Market appears bigger than Melbourne’s Queen Victoria markets, but we were on a mission and couldn’t spend more time exploring. Celeste would not be wavered from her course to Zedz Cafe.

Zedz Cafe offers hot coffees, fresh fruit juices, freshly made sandwiches, home made European style foods and deserts, traditional Greek and Italian foods and fresh salads.

Apparently Celeste loves their laksa ice-cream, which isn’t really a European style food, but I have tried something similar back in my university days and wouldn’t knock it till I tried it. On this occasion, Zedz Cafe‘s laksa ice-cream was fortunately/unfortunately – it really depends on how you look at – unavailable. Not that I would have laksa ice-cream for breakfast anyway.

As I was snapping away with the camera, the barista looked up and asked: “Are you a blogger?”.

I was a little taken aback, as no one ever bats an eyelid or approaches when I’m food whoring, much less ask if I’m a blogger. Not that I mind, but generally the ‘muggles’ leave one to one’s business without comment. This initiation for conversation gave me a sense that bloggers are familiar (and open) to businesses on this side of the coast. Is this a uniquely Adelaide thing?

I managed a nod and he quickly turned around to plonk a filled paperbag with a stamped logo onto the coffee prep bench. “I’m using these coffee beans today. I roasted them myself!”, he quipped with a cheeky grin. I could tell he had so much pride in his work and we got to talking. Kommon Grounds is his labour of love and I quite liked the end result.

Celeste warned we shouldn’t eat too much, as there would be food at the conference and opted not to order any breakfast as a show of example.

The SO and I, well… best to feed us immediately, or we might not last as long. The SO ordered the bacon and egg breakfast, while I had a more modest omelette with house beans on the side.

Bacon and egg breakfast. AUD$13.90


Omelette with olives and fetta. House beans on the side.

I had assumed the house beans would be similar to baked beans. It was served in an espresso cup (cute) and the beans are slightly mashed, giving it a much drier and thick consistency than anything out of a can. I find it kinda pricey for an extra AUD$2.90.

Although the SO and I found the toasted Turkish bread far too dry and crunchy (it was very abrasive against the roof of the mouth), we couldn’t fault the flavour. I think the omelette flavours change regularly, so ask about what is on offer. This time, I think it was olives and fetta, and I think spinach – my memory fails me. Celeste is apparently not an olive fan, so frowned after tasting and realising what my omelette contained. But I found the brilliant umami salty flavours, perfect for perking me up so early in the morning.


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