Nosh in Tanunda, South Australia

Having never been to Adelaide before, the SO and I were downright clueless about where to go, what to do and where to eat. We were a clean slate and when Celeste of Travelling in Mary Janes asked if there was anywhere we’d like to visit, I told her I was leaving our stomachs in her capable hands.

I did have a secret wish to visit the much talked-about Barossa Valley and she must have heard my prayer, for she dedicated our first day to this wine region.

But to start the day on the right note, she took us (the SO, I and another friend) to Nosh for breakfast in the small town of Tanunda in the Barossa Valley region.

Nosh is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

Well, maybe not rock and roll, but its eclectic decor includes paper lanterns for a touch of Eastern influence, a oogle-worthy vintage bicycle and books from eras past for a sprinkle of nostalgia and well-worn mismatched furniture for a generous dose of country.

It was not as early as we had originally planned to arrive, so I opted to save room in my stomach for the rest of the roadtrip by ordering a latte and threw in a chocolate cookie as an indulgence. I am really glad I did, as their chocolate cookie had a peppermint chocolate glaze drizzled over the top and was a perfect partner to a cuppa joe.

Tanunda Bakery croissant with ham and cheese. AUD$6.50

The SO was game for a second breakfast, but didn’t want to overburden himself and went for a much lighter breakfast option of a ham and cheese croissant. This golden light buttery pastry arrived toasty warm and filled with decent slices of ham under oozy cheese.

Scrambled eggs with salmon on 1918 toast, sauteed mushrooms, roast tomatoes, fresh rocket and locally made chutney. AUD$16

When this order arrived, I squeed. Scrambled eggs served in a tea cup? How cute! Chutney in an egg cup? Squee!!!

It tugs at my heart that Nosh use mismatched serving dishes, as if they raided grandma’s cupboards and found beautiful-but-never-quite-a-full-set diningware for themselves. It’s a little touch, but one that made me smile and admire the place they’ve created a little more.

You can also check out Celeste’s review of Nosh.

Note: I’ve been informed Nosh has now closed and is looking for a new location at the time this blogpost was written. To keep updated, check out their Facebook page.


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