The Burrow, West End

You would not believe how long I’ve been waiting to visit The Burrow.

I have heard about it, read about it, tried once to organise a breakfast/morning tea there and driven past countless times. We visit West End just about every weekend, but each time, we visit too late in the morning and can never find parking. It was driving me mad – to be so near, yet so far!

Well, we finally got up early enough over the last weekend to head out bright and early, and I hadn’t prepared breakfast that morning. That is a huge gamble, as the SO and I get very cranky very quickly when we are hungry. But I was willing to go all or go bust.

It paid off! The traffic was easy and we found a park not far from The Burrow. I was so excited!

The Burrow is apparently many things: coffee house, pizza joint, wine bar, cafe, and craft beer and cider specialist. While we were there, the SO examined their selection of beverages and was quite pleased to note they had cider on tap.

Overall, the atmosphere at the Burrow is one of a coziness you’d expect at the home of a slightly-crazy (but perfectly fun and adventurous) relative you might run to and play make-believe explorations. In fact, they might even collect a variety of very cute animal-shaped salt and pepper shakers.


‘Breakfast Almighty’ . (AUD$18)

The SO went all out with the ‘Breakfast Almighty’. This mammoth breakfast has free range organic eggs (poached, scrambled or fried), turkish bread, honey glazed bacon, beer baked beans, mushroom, roast tomato and spinach. The SO complained the eggs were tasteless and he would’ve loved more mushrooms, but the champion of the plate were the baked beans. They might look like regular baked beans, but those were delicious!

I was far more indecisive about my breakfast choice. I didn’t want their more popular dishes as they seemed more like a variation combo of the ‘Breakfast Almighty’.

I was leaning towards the French toast with poached pear, mascarpone and maple syrup (AUD$12) when the staff recommended the English Style savoury mince with poached egg and sourdough (AUD$13) instead, which I ordered.

Savoury mince for breakfast takes me back to those university days. You’d make too much spaghetti bolognese (possibly one of the cheapest meals to make) and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner – till you ate it all.

The Burrow‘s English Style savoury mince has bits of vegetable, such as celery and carrots, so it’s healthy and delicious. The sourdough came buttered and well-toasted to good crunch. Unfortunately the poached eggs were too cooked. The yolks were about 70% cooked, so there was barely any runnyness to them.

I will definitely have to try my first instinct choice, the French toast with poached pear, mascarpone and maple syrup next time.


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