Mama Sushi & Bowl, Brisbane City

Mama Sushi & Bowl opened a couple of months ago, where there used to be a florist. Not a bad replacement, given the throng of desk monkeys in need of sustenance come lunch time – myself included.

Mama Sushi & Bowl appears to be owned and staffed by Koreans, so besides the regular spread of sushi rolls, they have bibimbap – rice bowls with assorted vegetables and slathered with sauce. I have yet to try their bibimbap and am hoping to get a chance to soon – when the weather is a little warmer.

Since opening, they have expanded their sushi roll menu to include a few winter warmers to combat the current ‘cold snap’ Brisbane mornings have been assaulting the population with. These include a few curries and soups.

Mama Sushi & Bowl‘s selection of sushi might not be as extensive as other sushi bars, but they do have a few with brown rice. Japanese rice nazis will be horrified by this, but I really do like sushi rolls with brown rice. In saying that, the sushi rice prepared at Mama Sushi & Bowl is not the nicest, but it is not gluggy or tasteless.


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