Beijing House, Brisbane

I have been to Beijing House several times, usually at the suggestion of someone else. Being in the heart of the city on the very top of Queen Street, Beijing House is a convenient spot for yum cha.

On this occasion, we were gathering to wish a colleague farewell and I booked a table of 10 online for Friday lunch. Thankfully we did, as the restaurant was busy – almost every table was occupied and there were kids darting between yum cha carts.

Beijing House’s yum cha is alright:

  • The siew mai and har gao are huge – totally man-sized.
  • The xiao long baos have a lovely thin skin, but not much soup.
  • The chicken feet is delish and entertainment worthy when you’re with Westerners who are game to give it a go.
  • The beef chee chong fun is a bit odd to me.
  • Their calamari is one of my favorite dishes there.
Their service can be a hit and miss. On most occasions, they are quick and efficient. On others (as it was on Friday), many of the girls seem to be new. A number of carts had 2 girls pushing (usually one girl is all that’s required), yet they were quite slow. I got up on one occasion to lift the steamer lids myself to see what they had, as while one was getting sauces, the other would just stand there staring. The manager did come up and chide them in Mandarin for allowing a customer serve herself despite having 2 people per cart.
Other little things that were mildly annoying: we weren’t given our order slip on arrival (which meant the first cart girl couldn’t mark off what we had ordered and had to wait till someone brought one over) and when asked for tea, the girls looked very confused and didn’t know where to get them.
These are relatively minor issues for those who know the drill at any yum cha restaurant.


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