Shabuhouse in Brisbane City

A team planning half-day means you deserve a truly hearty lunch, right? After all, you have been cracking your brains planning the year ahead as a team and navigating the minefield of possible social faux pax during the team-building exercises.

The one thing the team agreed on unanimously was having lunch at Shabuhouse. Their AUD$20 all-you-can-eat steamboat/hot pot lunch deal would be impossible to beat… right?!

The idea is simple – you pay per head (drinks not included), grab your own hot pot and fill it with your choice of broth (fish, tom yam and something else when we were there), stick it in your own heating element at your table, stack your plate with food for cooking. And if it tickles your fancy, there is also pre-prepared food you can have too.

But beware: there’s a AUD$20 penalty fee if you don’t finish the food you grab.

Otherwise, stuff yourself silly!

To be honest, this concept isn’t new to me, but it is nice to see it here on this side of the world. The pre-prepared food isn’t particularly amazing, but for AUD$20 and if you can eat like a horse (read: poor uni student), Shabuhouse is not a bad deal. It is no wonder it’s so popular with the younger crowd, who gather with friends and garble with each other for hours on end.


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