Delectable’s Food Bowl event at the City Botanic Gardens

I’m a little bit late in this report, but I think I got a touch too much sunshine at Delectable‘s Food Bowl event held on Sunday 29 July 2012 in the City Botanic Gardens.

Prior to the event, the Twitterverse was full of conversations about why Delectable dollar to real dollar exchange rate was 1-for-2.

It might seem silly to force consumers and stall holders to trade in imaginary money (Monopoly, anyone?), but there are arguments for it. There just aren’t any for the ridiculous exchange rate, which is why the SO and I were pleased to find organisers changed it to 1-for-1 on the day.

The SO and I got in early enough that we managed to pick up our first $50 worth of Delectable dollars to spend, but it soon became very apparent the organisers had severely underestimated the amount attendees would be spending. The line at the 3 Delectable Dollar Exchange counters were snaking and meeting each other, with people standing in line for at least 30 minutes.

Understandably it wasn’t long before stall holders were accepting cash and offering attendees the option to have cash or Delectable dollars back in change.

After awhile, the Delectable Dollar Exchange counters were dishing out the event wrist strips as Delectable currency.

Other than that little mess, everything else about Delectable‘s Food Bowl event was brilliant.

Lots of tables and chairs, well-spaced around the park? Yes!

Great bands playing chilled music? Yup!
(I should note I love the trio performing at the stage we were closest too. They were playing jazzed up versions of songs, including the Sesame Street theme song. Love!)

Clean and accessible toilets? YES!
(special thanks to the organisers for positioning them under shade, so they always stayed cool)

And most importantly, great food? Heck yeah! *fist pump*

Confit’s Eaton’s Mess in a cone – fresh local ‘Red Hill’ strawberries, meringue, Cantilly cream, almond praline and berry sauce

Restaurant Tartufo’s Porchetta – tradition Italian style rolled roasted Kingaroy pork in a ciabatta roll and wilted spinach

Il Centro’s sand crab lasagne

Armstrong’s crisp fried Toowoomba range pork cheek, caramelised onions and apple puree

Boucher French Bistro’s meringue with mascarpone cream, Babinda banana and salted butterscotch sauce

Confit’s custard tart with fresh local Red Hill raspberries

Many thanks to the Royal On The Park for the double passes to attend and Kelly for spreading the word on the giveaway!