Poppy’s Basket Bakery Deli at South Brisbane

Forgetting to feed the SO breakfast prior to heading to the Regional Flavours Festival on Saturday was a big mistake. A hungry man is an angry/grumpy man, and it was made worse we arrived between meal services, so most establishments were either not open for lunch or were only serving coffees post-breakfast.

With a ticking time bomb on our hands and limited options, I was relieved when the SO headed straight into Poppy’s Basket Bakery Deli.

Poppy’s Basket Bakery Deli has always appeared to be a weekend favorite with the Southbank weekend crowd, particularly with families. There seems to be plenty of room for push prams and a number of tables are long enough for extended family coffee sessions.

With what looked like a promising meal ahead, the SO and I probably to order off their breakfast and lunch menu.

Poppy’s Benedict. AUD$14.50

Poppy’s Benedict is a breakfast menu item and has toasted onion bread topped with smoked ham off the bone, poached eggs and Poppy’s Hollandaise sauce.

The SO was disappointed that the poached eggs were obviously overdone to the point they were hard boiled. This is my biggest breakfast peeve and was glad I didn’t have to suffer through eating it.

The SO was also unconvinced the portion size matched the price. For the AUD$14.50, he had hoped it would also include some sort of salad, relish or mushrooms.

That said, the ham and the hollandaise were nice.

Pie with salad and tomato ragu. AUD$10.50

I went with the pie with salad and tomato ragu lunch option. The salad was a combination of rocket, raw carrots, capsicum and tomatoes in a yellow dressing. The vegetables were not cut uniformly, so it looked more homely. Some carrot bits were a little large, so might not be suitable for tykes if you plan to share your meal with a little one.

Poppy’s Basket also offer the pie with gravy and mushy peas.

I don’t know if Poppy’s Basket Bakery Deli offers more than one type of pie, but if they did, I was not offered a choice. The pie appeared to have beef mince, fairly large chunks of beef and was (thankfully) not drowning in gravy.

The ragu however was quite strong and made it difficult to taste any of the pie’s meatiness. Was it intentional?

Service was overall ok – the cashier, who took my order was chirpy with a big smile and the wait staff were quick. They did try several times to take our display number before they had delivered our whole order, which was annoying… especially seeing as they were not completely chockers.


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