Piaf Bar Café Bistro @ South Brisbane

The name ‘Piaf Bar Café Bistro‘ has been buzzing in my ear, and it has been all good things. So when one of my clients dropped into Brisbane, was staying at a hotel on South Bank and we wanted to catch up prior to the madness of work to ensue the next day, I organised a casual dinner with the rest of the team at Piaf.

Duck liver pâté with fig, red wine jelly and sticky apple. AUD$14


Beetroot & roast onion tartlet with goats cheese mousse & hazelnut dressing. AUD$14


Calvados pork belly with turnip fondant, pear puree, rhubarb & jus. AUD$24


Victorian lamb rump with roasted cauliflower, pumpkin puree & chermoula. AUD$24


Duo of spatchcock with fennel fritter & pea puree. AUD$24



Hazelnut crème brûleé with macerated strawberries & biscotti. AUD$12


While the conversation around the table was work-related, we still enjoyed a lovely dinner. My spatchcock with fennel fritter & pea puree was beautifully cooked and lovely, even though I detected a touch of anise-flavour on the spatchcock (not a fan of anise/licorice).

And unlike my colleagues, I forwent the starters to indulge in a dessert instead. Can I say I love love LOVE the crème brûleé? The caramelised sugar top took a fairly heavy whack and crackled like an angel to reveal an oozy custard-like hazelnut foundation.

Piaf Bar Café Bistro isn’t fancy smancy, but it has some delicious cooking on offer and a relaxed unpretentiousness atmosphere to keep things real.


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