Meet Fresh, Sunnybank (QLD)

Just after we got back from Sydney and from trying Meet Fresh in Sydney’s Chinatown, I was quite gutted I was too full from our food encounters to try more on their menu.

Well, hallelujah! My prayers were answered: Meet Fresh has opened its very own Brisbane outlet just last month!

Meet Fresh in Brisbane’s Sunnybank is already proving a hit with the locals and is buzzing with people. It looks like it’s currently the ‘in’ place to grab something sweet and gossip with friends. While it was not as bad as we’ve heard it has been, we still had to wait a few minutes to find a table.

I love winter melon tea, particularly the one from Yeo’s and have just about grown up with the stuff. The SO immediately latched onto it and wanted to order it to allow me to relive my childhood. Unfortunately this backfired a little, as the Meet Fresh version is really sweet. This is easily remedied if you ask for more ice and allow it to melt through.

The tofu pudding with lotus seeds are just as I remember them from back home, except the syrup is not as sticky sweet (a bonus in my book!). The pudding, or 豆花 (dou hua) is soft, silky and light – just the way it should be. My order of it arrived looking really hacked up, but I cannot blame the counter girls for not being very adept at scooping the stuff out.


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