Shoes shoes shoes

Everyone quips women have an obsession with shoes.

Blame Cinderella. Or SJP in Sex and the City. Or Imelda Marcos.

I on the other hand, am in denial.

Yes, I like shoes. But I don’t think I obsess about them. To date, I have about 4 pairs of boots (1 pair is due for retirement), 3 pairs of black mules, 6 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of flats, 2 pairs of Birkenstock sandals and 3 pairs of EGL shoes.

… alright, so I have a lot of shoes.

But I haven’t had a sneaker for years.

That’s not to say my shoes are not comfortable. It’s the first thing I look for when I’m shoe shopping and thus far, Children of the Revolution, Betts, Birkenstock and Doc Martens have not disappointed.

I certainly don’t have anything anywhere near Marie Antoinette’s white silk shoes, which sold for $57,000. But I do miss how much cheaper shoes are back in Southeast Asia, compared to Australia.

In stark contrast, the SO lives and breathes in his Doc Marten boots. It wasn’t till YEARS after we started dating we got him a pair of flip flops. And he has finally added pair of sneakers to his collection.

I wonder if I can ever get him to try on a pair of pointy men’s dress shoes.