Taro’s Ramen & Café, Brisbane CBD

The SO and I have taken to walking home from the city, since the weather has cooled. And everytime we do so, we walk past Taro’s Ramen & Café. The SO has dropped by this ramen eatery for lunch on a number of occasions and enjoyed their fare.

We scheduled a night free of home cooking to try their ramen enroute home.

Taro’s Ramen & Café has an informal atmosphere and customers get to choose their seats, peruse the menu either on the windows or grab the paper-based ones inside before hitting the counter to order and pay. The SO, who was already familiar with the system, also grabbed us glasses of water from the help-yourself mini fridge opposite the counter.

Our orders were brought out at a reasonable time, which we needed as it had been a windy day in Brisbane and the outdoor heater had not been turned on. Piping hot ramen? Yes please!

Miso ramen. AUD$14.90

The miso ramen‘s soup uses their triple golden soup and pork mince. And to give it that flavour jolt, they add oyster sauce, ginger, garlic and miso.

What is the triple golden soup? Apparently the shopping list for this soup is chicken, dried fish and vegetables.

To top it, there is char siew (barbeque pork), sprouts, half an almost hardboiled egg, shallots, bamboo shoots, a sprinkling of garlic chips, black sesame seeds and served with chilli bean paste.

Fire Tonkotsu (extra spicy). AUD$15.90

The tonkotsu ramen is apparently Taro’s Ramen & Café‘s specialty. The soup is made of super rich stock from 100% Bangalow sweetpork bones, cooked over 2 days.

But if that is still to pedestrian for you, Taro’s Ramen & Café ups the dish with a 2nd and 3rd version: the red tonkotsu and the fire tonkotsu.

Being the chilli nut that I am, I wanted to go all the way, baby! The fire tonkotsu comes with chilli from 4 added ingredients: the homemade chilli oil, the additional chilli flakes, extra spicy chilli oil and the shredded chilli garnishing.

But you know what? The chilli barely tickled. On that front, I was disappointed, but it did mean I could slurp away with gusto and not worry about losing the nerve endings on my tongue.

While the stock is very obviously the hero in every bowl, I personally think Taro needs to be applauded for their noodles. Many ramen and noodle places opt for the easy mass-factory-manufactured noodles. However, Taro’s springy al dente strands are not store bought – they are made with Australian wheat and churned out by their own noodle machine. These get a big thumbs-up!


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