Lust Have It! (Australia) – May 2012 review

This is my first Lust Have It! delivery. Since the announcement of GLOSSYBOX and Lust Have It! merging, I have been wondering what sort of products and the level of service customers would be getting.

Lust Have It!‘s May 2012 edition arrived in a smaller box than the GLOSSYBOX, but I’m totally cool with that. Why? Because everything came in a sea blue cosmetic pouch – much more useful than boxes, which have been accumulating around the house. I’ve already swapped my old one for my Lust Have It! pouch for daily use!

However I should note I would prefer to receive these boxes during the first couple of days of the month, rather than mid-late in the month. It would mean receiving thoughtful messages, such as the Mothers’ Day poem in this month’s Lust Have It! box wouldn’t have already lost their awww-how-sweet! factor.

The transition to the  Lust Have It! platform has been absolutely pain free. I haven’t needed to make phone calls, send emails or even log into my account (which was already set up for me without having to sign up all over again). So well done, Lust Have It! team!


Review of the Beauty Samples


Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum
RRP $80 (30ml)

This fragrance is described as ‘an intense oriental-floral’ with orange blossom notes to symbolise ‘Italian femininity, sensuality and extravagance’. And the television ads for this perfume have already hit the airwaves.

At the first notes, they definitely got the brief right – it’s intense, musky and warm. It fades down quickly enough to a much gentler creamy white floral blend with vanilla, which is much more pleasant than I thought it might be. Go easy on the application though, as over-application would drag you from sexy honey to stinky matron.


Showface Professional Eyeshadow
RRP $22.95 (100ml)

I haven’t heard of Showface before, so did a little digging. Showface appears to be primarily a hair and makeup studio based in Sydney, offering courses and services. Its cosmetic line appears to be an attempt to expand their offer range, leveraging off their experience and reputation in the industry.

However when I tried to look into their products on their website, their product section failed to load, which I think is unacceptable in today’s retail environment. How are customers supposed to learn more about you, your product and service, when your website fails? I find it is worse than not having a website at all.

But excuse my marketing/PR background ranting and let’s focus on the product.

The casing is pretty standard and feels relatively inexpensive. The top is clear to allow you to see the product – a plus point. However the pan was already rattling around loose in the casing when it arrived. Thankfully the eyeshadow had not broken in the pan, but I could see the glue had been applied thinly on the casing to the pan, resulting in it popping out: -1.

This range comes in 45 colours, but there was no label on the casing to say which shade we received. I can only describe it as a shimmery plummy brown that would work very well with a neutral day look.

If this is how they put out their product to market, I would avoid.


Babor Platinum Cell Reactivating Cream
RRP $285 (50ml)

Holy doolie. This product is completely out of my price range for skincare. But I suppose from a marketing viewpoint, when you tout your product will reduce ‘all existing signs of ageing’, you gotta price the product appropriately.

But why isn’t the tube at least 80-90% full? Why is there only 30% product in the tube? Really?! Come on, Babor. After one full face application, I had to do the arm swing to get the rest of the cream stuck on the sides down to the opening.

That said, the cream itself is a white medium consistency that spreads on evenly. It absorbs easily into the skin and my skin feels hydrated. And I was surprised my T-zone didn’t turn into an oil slick, as it usually does with most facial creams.

However, the cream is heavily perfumed and lingered well over an hour after application, giving me a touch of a headache.


De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray
RRP $23.95 (95ml)

De Lorenzo‘s Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray  is an Australian made product, animal testing and ingredient free. To use, you spray the product onto hair (wet or dry) to create that tousled look you get from spending a day at the beach or to enhance curls.

I am very amused the Lust Have It! pamphlet states it contains “sunflower seed cake and sea kelp to condition and nourish”. Sunflower seed cake? Cake??

This was the first product out of the lot I used immediately. I really love texture and wanted to see how this works with my current hair care products. It smells gorgeous – like suntan lotion – and is easy styling that doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy. I love it!


Nicole by OPI Ultimate trend setter’s lacquer
RRP $14.95 (15ml)

Did anyone get the memo about OPI having a sister brand? No? Neither did I.

This sample didn’t come with a shade name, but from the Nicole by OPI website, I’m guessing it’s Imagine If…, a very glittery silver.

Although the sample’s brush is tiny, it performed well in applying the product evenly and with two coats of lacquer, I got a headlight silver even the Silver Surfer would be jealous of. Unfortunately without a base or top coat, the 2 coats I applied of the sample chipped in 1 day, but that’s to be expected.

I haven’t seen them in the shops on our shores, but apparently Hairhouse Warehouse, Terry White Chemists and Petra The Hair Professionals stock these.


Lush’s Dirty Soap
RRP $6.95 (100g)

I love Lush. I know lots of people do not, because you can smell their stores a mile away, but their products are lovely.

Dirty smells of spearmint, sandalwood, pine and oakmoss. It’s a really lovely combination to perk you up in the morning, and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. While the bar itself has the tiniest of shimmer in it, it doesn’t glitterise your skin, so guys, this one is as much for you as it is us girls.