Laksa Hut, moved from Toowong to Indooroopilly, Brisbane

When I first came to Brisbane as an international student many many moons ago, I was introduced to Laksa Hut at its original location in Toowong by a friend and learn very quickly that Laksa Hut is a bit of an institution, especially amongst the international student community who hanker for a taste of home.

Since then, I have eaten many a plate of their special fried rice (slathered with their chilli oil slurry of fried onion), laksa, chow mein and chicken rice. Over the years, they expanded the menu to include claypot rice, congee, steamboat and other dishes you might be hard pressed to find at other Asian restaurants.

So I was a little upset when I found out they were no longer at their Toowong location and wondered if they were re-opening elsewhere. Afterall, someone had whispered some silly rumour they were shut down for hygiene reasons – which sounded highly unlikely, seeing as they had been around for years and we had never had a problem with their food nor the cleanliness of their establishment.

When I mentioned this to a friend, they quickly laid my fears to rest by sharing that Laksa Hut had only moved to the next suburb over – Indooroopilly. The SO had an Asian food craving and decided to hunt it down over the weekend.

At first impression, the new location is much more upmarket than its previous Toowong arcade home. They now have a proper counter top for serving customers with clear designated seating areas. The kitchen is also now hidden from view – a change I don’t necessarily like.

Sambal Hokkein mee. AUD$12

The Sambal Hokkein mee is a huge disappointment. There was no sambal in it. In fact, I wonder if there was any chilli at all. I had to pick up their chilli oil slurry of fried onion to meet the flavour hit expectation I had.

Thankfully the noodles were not gluggy and despite the photo, there was an appropriate amount of chicken and assorted vegetables stir-fried in the dish.

Would I have it again though? No.

Chicken rice

The chicken rice was also a disappointment. The rice did have a hint of flavour, but the chicken pieces were more bone than flesh, making the SO spend more time picking it apart than eating it.

As for the chilli sauce… *sigh* This is usually the stuff that makes a chicken rice sing. However this watery concoction was more squawk than song.


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