Pansabella Providores @ Coffs Harbour, NSW

We decided to be a little more relaxed driving back from Sydney and that Coffs Harbour would be our final meal stop for a very late lunch.

With that decision made, we drove into town without a clue about where to go. I pressed my nose against the car window, crossing my fingers there would be somewhere lovely to eat that late in the day.

Pansabella Providores is small and as pretty as a picture, with its white painted frontage and tubs of fresh flowers laid out beside the door for its florist corner. It almost oozes a French country chic with its white wooden chairs and blacktop tables.

Owner Kristi Knowles has created a place that specialises in gourmet foods and market fresh flowers, combining the idea of a cafe, deli and florist all in one.

Being surrounded by jars of conserves, preserves and dried goods seemed like a wonderland of foodie exploration. I think I must’ve turned around in my seat to read the labels of jars with olive oil and mustards closest to me – because I’ve not seen many of them in supermarkets.

And then there’s the deli chiller, chockers with a good range of cheeses and a variety of pre-prepared food. If we were staying in Coffs Harbour, this would be the perfect place to pick up a selection of things for a picnic.

Ploughman's lunch. AUD$14.50

I was surprised the SO would choose the Ploughman’s lunch.

For those who not familiar with this meal, a ploughman’s lunch is a cold snack or meal originating in the United Kingdom, served in pubs, sometimes eaten in a sandwich form, composed of cheese, often cooked ham slices, pickle/relish, apples, pickled onions, salad leaves, crusty bread and butter.

Sounds amazing? You’ll want to see Jamie Oliver’s ultimate Ploughman’s lunch in Jamie’s Great Britain when he visits Midland. Now that looked like a stellar ploughman’s lunch.

Pansabella’s Ploughman’s lunch is much simpler. It came with triple smoked ham, cheddar cheese and pickles, served with grilled toast and a side salad.

Toasted Turkish roll with char grilled Mediterranean vegetables. AUD$8.50

After we had made our order, the wait staff came up to ask if I might consider changing my order to one of the sandwiches they had on hand in the deli chiller. She immediately added they could certainly make the Toasted Turkish roll, but it would take awhile for them to make it. I asked how long, to which she checked with the chef – the answer: 10 mins. I was happy to wait and just relax with my coffee.

And I was grateful I decided to wait. The Toasted Turkish roll was gorgeous. Served on a toasted focacia with home made pesto and Asiago cheese with a side salad, the char-grilled vegetables were flavourful without being mushy. Absolutely a delight to tuck into.


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