Meet Fresh @ Chinatown, Sydney

We walked past Meet Fresh a number of times and they were always full of patrons, mostly Asian students (I think). I was adamant we should not leave Sydney without trying them out.

Meet Fresh serves traditional Taiwanese desserts. It originated from the desire of their two creators, Mr and Mrs Fu – who are featured as caricatures on their packaging, to create and preserve the traditional Taiwanese taste in desserts.

For those unfamiliar with this type of dessert, Meet Fresh has basically three types of desserts, three types of tea and a namesake special cold dessert range.

The desserts are essentially taro balls (with 7 topping combinations), herbal jellies (with 7 topping combinations and 1 special) and tofu pudding (豆花) (with 10 topping combinations). Oh, and the namesake namesake special cold dessert range of 6 desserts.

I know… pretty full-on, eh?

Herbal Jelly (Honey Beans, Coconut Jellies, Pearls). AUD$5.50

I must’ve stood for several minutes just perusing the overhead counter menu boards, trying to decide what I wanted. Initially I was aching for the tofu puddings, which is something my sister adored (and would make my father pick some up after dinner or in the middle of the night) – but more for feelings of nostalgia.

But I opted for the herbal jelly with honey beans, coconut jellies and pearls and asked for the cold version, which has shaved ice.

The herbal jelly firmness was just nice – not too firm nor too soft. The flavour is less sharp, compared to some dessert places serving herbal jelly in Singapore, but easy on the palate. And while I really like the flavour of the honey beans, it filled me up too much from an already filling dinner.

Supreme mango with crushed ice. AUD$8

The SO was super predictable and ordered the Supreme mango with crushed ice. And then complained that while it was deliciously mango-ey, it was too sweet. Gotta love my boring predictable man.

The portion sizes of these desserts are definitely for two to share, especially after a meal prior. these are practically a meal in itself.

Now I have to try the outlet here in Brisbane’s Sunnybank!


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