Miso Japanese Restaurant @ Chinatown, Sydney

For our final night in Sydney, I tasked the SO with choosing an establishment for our dinner. He pored over the internet and found some great reviews of Miso Japanese Restaurant. Unfortunately we had some trouble finding it in World Square. Their front does not face the main facade, so it took us a few walks around the square to find it.

Hidden down a quieter section, we arrived to find Miso Japanese Restaurant  quite full of patrons and we were asked to write our names, number of diners and contact number on their sign-up sheet at the door. Once done, we would tear the related number to get in line, not dissimilar to a supermarket deli.

It thankfully only took 5 minutes for us to be taken to a table and given the opportunity to survey the menu. Miso Japanese Restaurant is known for their teishoku (定食). Teishoku is a set meal and often comes with side dishes, such as pickled vegetables and miso soup. It is a generally well-balanced meal that is inexpensive and filling.

We noted several patrons partaking in the fillet and prawn set (AUD$18.80. Natural grain fed pork fillet and crumbed king prawn with homemade tartare sauce) and Hokkaido Bento (AUD$23.80. Salmon sashimi, tempura king prawn, Japanese side dishes, rice with salmon roe topping and miso soup).

Unagi bento. AUD$21.80

I quite liked the SO’s Unagi Bento – barbequed eel (100gm), salmon sashimi, soft shell crab, Japanese side dishes, rice and miso soup. The unagi was delicately slathered in a sweet sauce, that was gorgeous. It would seem this is the way one should have the eel, rather than thickly coated and overly sweet.

Tonkatsu pork loin set. AUD$16.80

The tonkatsu pork loin set comes with 180gm pork fillet, a dollop of potato salad, some cooked beans, fresh cabbage salad and miso soup. While it might not look like much on the tray, it certainly filled me up quite comfortably without inflicting a heavy sense of guilt from having eaten so much.

Miso Japanese Restaurant apparently uses all-natural free-range Western Plain pork from Victoria. Only female pigs fed on wheat and barley are selected to make this juicy tonkatsu. It is easy to bite into and without a wrestling match between your teeth and the pork, you can savour the crunchy fried panko coating.

It is certainly no wonder why Miso Japanese Restaurant is so popular. I do wish they would open an outlet in Brisbane – I certainly would frequent the establishment.

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